Obtaining licensure in Another State

  1. As usual, I can't get a hold of the person in charge of answering calls for RNs at the Board of Nursing, especially since it's the holidays. I currently hold a license in Virginia. What can anyone of you tell me about obtaining licensure in another state? Once I obtain licensure in another state, will my Va. license become void after 30 days of moving to the other state or sometime before or after that?
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  3. by   elkpark
    Depends on where you're moving to. VA is a member of the NLC (Nurse Licensure Compact). If you move to another compact state, you apply for licensure in the new state, and your VA license becomes void after 30 days. If you move to a state that is not a member of the compact, you retain your VA license but it loses its "compact privileges" and becomes a "regular" license which is only good in VA. It is good until its expiration date, at which time you can choose to renew it or let it lapse.

    All the info and forms you need for applying for licensure by endorsement in a (any) new state should be available on that state BON's website.
  4. by   Meriwhen
    Elkpark speaks the truth, as that is exactly what happened to me when I moved from VA to a non-compact state. After I notified the VA BON of my change of address, I was reissued a "Virginia Only" license that was good until its original expiration date.
  5. by   finallyRN7
    Thank you both so much for the info.!! Ive read info from the Va board's website and at the site for info regarding compact vs non-compact states ( dont know name off top of my head), but I needed to make sure that I understood what I'd read. You both have helped to clarify that. Thanks so much!

    I love that I can come here and get answers quicker than waiting for someone to show up to work and answer the phone.