NVCC pre-reqs-which classes are you taking?

  1. In others words, are you going the NAS 161/162 route (health science) or the Anatomy/Physiology plus microbiology route?
    I really want to do the Anatomy/Physiology plus microbiology route so that I can keep the option of applying for an accelerate BSN program (or ADN then BSN) open. However, the microbiology course requires 1 year of chemistry I am not sure why they have this requirement. I know that chem is not a pre-req for microbiology in some other colleges. I can't fathom taking a whole year of chemistry before doing microbiology. I know it says you can take it with division approval. Anyone know what that entails? So which courses are you doing? I am new to this. I have only taken a bio course thus far. Thanks
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  3. by   johnson_katie
    Honestly, if I were you I would do the BIO 141/142 + Micro route because I took NAS 161/162 before I decided I wanted to eventually get my BSN so now I'm playing catch up and squeezing BIO 141/142 into my schedule this summer so those credits can transfer over later.

    It may seem like a bit more work, but it'll be worth it. I wish I had someone tell me to do this before because I feel like I wasted $800+ on NAS 161/162 just to find out no one else accepts those credits. Plus, NVCC counselors are almost no help at all.
  4. by   SuzyQ2011
    That's what I am leaning towards. It's the year of chemistry that has me hesitant to do it. A year is a long time and chemistry is not one of my strengths...
  5. by   johnson_katie
    Yeah, I definitely know what you mean. I didn't know you had to take 2 semesters of chem before micro.. that is kind of annoying. But on the other side of the coin, I'm sure general college chem can/will transfer anywhere (unlike the NAS 161/162). So you could use it as a general elective or something like that.
  6. by   johnson_katie
    OR.. I also so that you could get divisional approval, so maybe you could just try to talk to the head of the division and they can let you skip the chem and go straight for the micro
  7. by   LiliRoseRN
    I just finished Bio 141 & 142 at NOVA and my Prof said you can take Chem 111 and then request to go straight to MicroBio. Talk to someone at the school about it. I seriously wouldn't just take NAS 161 & 162. Not only do they not transfer, they cram a lot of info into two semesters and you won't get the information you need. I took a really hard professor (by choice) and I learned sooooo much. It is really worth it in my opinion.
  8. by   SuzyQ2011
    Hey Chairlili
    Are you taking Chem then Micro? I am taking BIO 141 this summer. i think it's the best decision.
    Katie-did you take the Chem for micro or seek division approval? Chemistry just intimidates the heck out of me. I looked at the course description (CHEM 111) and it's intended for science and engineer majors!
  9. by   johnson_katie
    Quote from SuzyQ2011
    . I looked at the course description (CHEM 111) and it's intended for science and engineer majors!
    NVCC is willing to squeeze every dime out of you that they can.

    I haven't done either yet (seek division approval or take any chem classes) I'm taking BIO 142 the second 6 weeks this summer. I've already taken NAS 161/162. The only reason I'm taking BIO 141/142 and the Micro is because NAS 161/162 doesn't transfer ANYWHERE (trust me, I've looked)! I'm hoping the division can just let me skip CHM 111/112 since I've already been introduced to some micro when I took NAS 161/162.
  10. by   NursingGCW
    One thing you should note....NAS 161 & NAS 162 do transfer to Mason.......if and ONLY if you have your RN license......
    I plan to attend Mason so I'm happy they do accept this!

  11. by   SuzyQ2011
    I don't have an RN license so if I applied for GMU I need the BIO141 & 142 plus micro combo.
    Maybe I will try to get division approval to see if I can skip the chem (or at least the second one). I also saw that they now have an intro to micro class but I think it still needs to be the 205 one to meet the requirement.
  12. by   LiliRoseRN
    Hey SuzyQ,

    I am planning to take Chem and then Micro, although I am also considering changing plans and heading to Chamberlain. It's expensive but the schedule is way better for me and I could start this fall instead of waiting another year. I can transfer my pre-reqs from NOVA too, so that means I should be done in two years instead of three. I need to make a decision soon!
  13. by   LawyerRN2b
    Alright now I am totally confused--- I was SO happy to see that "Intro to Microbiology" class offered at NVCC that doesn't require chemistry. I plan on applying to GMU's accelerated program and according to their pre-req sheet, they will take BIO 246 (class) and 306 (lab). It looks identical to the Intro to Micro at NVCC in that it does not require chemistry (just basic college 101/125 Bio). If you do a transfer credit analysis online at the GMU site, this Intro to Bio appears in the list of acceptable classes to satisfy Bio 246.

    This Intro class also satisfies Georgetown's pre-reqs.

    So has anyone spoken with anyone at the area schools as to whether this (new??) class will count....anyone taking it now?
  14. by   iridescence89
    Even if you haven't taken chemistry or bio, you can try getting into the higher level science classes (Microbio) by talking to a NVCC academic adviser.

    I met with one of their academic counselor's who waived the one year of bio/chem prereqs for me to get into Microbio and A&P. She said that since I already have a Bachelors degree, she would enroll me in the higher level classes because my degree proves I can handle the workload.

    I am finishing up my first month of classes, and everything is going fine. I have a good knowledge of Bio and Chem (from AP exams, scored 5 on both) from high school, though.. if you haven't taken ANY Bio or Chem classes, it could be useful for you to at least study a bit of those on your own!