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Hello! Starting this thread for those who are interested in attending NVCC's hybrid program that starts in 2016. My fiance will be an applicant :) I'm already an RN in the area. Just saying hi!... Read More

  1. by   blb28
    Has anyone taken A&P online through NVCC? How was it?
  2. by   RNdreamsmadetrue
    Hi everyone,
    I'm not currently in the nursing program but I am looking into getting into the hybrid program for January 2017. I'm worried because I didn't do so well in my Bio 141 or 150, which made my gpa drop to 2.9. I have taken all my prerequisites and corequisites and I'm really hoping that might help. Unfortunately, I'm on a time crunch and would like to get my RN as soon as possible to help my husband with finances. Did anyone get into the program with a GPA below 3.0? Please let me know!
  3. by   KellyMPH
    Can you take other courses between now and then to raise your gpa? I highly suggest taking the pharmacology and medical terminology (Hlth 250 and I forget the other number) classes at NVCC before starting and focusing only on the nursing courses while in the program- it is intense. As far as GPA, don't know very many others gpas but it depends on the competition for the program when you apply- just give it a try. Some years they admit everyone because there weren't more applicants than spots, other years it's really competitive. Good luck!
  4. by   jwpyle11
    I agree with Kelly. I took my Teas in spring 2015, before they lowered and ended up not doing well in one section and had to hault my application for Traditional and ended up applying to the Spring Hybrid program. This gave me Summer and Fall to do all of my co-reqs you can do in the program, before I entered, making my GPA higher(I applied with a 3.6) and also made my application more appealing. It has definitely helped a lot being in the program and only focusing on the NUR classes since it is extremely hard. I would take as many classes as you can this fall and make a note on your application that you are doing co-reqs before the program would start.
  5. by   RNdreamsmadetrue
    Thank you both for the lovely advice.
    I have all my prerequisites almost finished, this upcoming fall I should be getting my last two finished. That being said, by the end of the fall semester my GPA will raise. My only concern is that since the deadline for the hybrid program is in October, that they won't see that I have taken more classes to raise my GPA. Do you know if they will take into consideration the fall classes or just the ones that I have already taken since I will technically still be doing my fall classes when I apply for the program? Anyways, I hope and pray that it works out since this is my only chance to get into it. Thank you for your advice and best of luck to every one!