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  1. I have been a SICU nurse for 2 years and some change and love it! I wanted to move to Richmond VA and possibly work at MCV. What ICU is the best there in your opinion? The place I work now has great teamwork which really makes it a joy to work there. I want to try to keep that at my next place I work. MCV is a level 1 trauma center which my current facility is not. Any advice? I'm willing to learn and can be taught. I just want to be the best nurse I can be and enjoy my job.
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  3. by   thecool1Nscrubs2no
    I think its all about where you would like to grow as a nurse. MCV has alot of different units just like many other hopsital. ALL HAVE PRO'S AND CON'S. Its really what you are looking for. The best advice is to go visit the hospital. I know you will not be able to get into certain units. But visiting the hospital would atleast give you an idea of what you are looking for. Always when interviewing make sure you get a tour of the unit. *WHEN WORKING PRN POOL ITS GREAT BECAUSE MANY PLACES WILL LET YOU TOUR ALL THE UNITS YOU MIGHT BE WORKING ON....SO YOU GET A BETTER FEEL OF THE HOSPITAL. But look at other the area...too.
  4. by   kmajor3
    can u tell me how to go online to apply at MCV in richmond, VA
  5. by   emt2lpn2
    Go to or google vcu. What I can say about Vcu is, it has an environment that pushes you to keep growing as an individual.
  6. by   kmajor3
    Does any one have the mcv recruiter number. I really need a job. I have been lookin for two months now and i cannot get a job

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