JSRCC Nursing.

  1. I am a young mother who is graduating high school this June. I am interested in becoming a Registered Nurse. I am planning on attending J.Serg Community College this fall.
    I am interested in completing their RN program. I'm just wondering if anyone is enrolled and what they think of the program...?
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  3. by   beachmedic
    I graduated from there recently. They seem to have a hard time finding enough clinical spots, and there has been a lot of high level turnover in the nursing department. Unless that school is your only chance, I'd try some other community college or a hospital diploma school first.
  4. by   ssnva1
    I am taking my pre-reqs there now. (Almost done thank God!) I applied to Bon Secours because they have evening classes. I wanted to go to Reynolds because it's quicker, not as many classes and close to home. I agree with beachmedic..I have heard they have a high turnover as far as instructors, which means they cannot accept many students. Therefore, it is very hard to get into the program. Good luck with you nursing career.
  5. by   Autumn_Love
    I am currently in the Pre-Nursing program at JSRCC, and have been giving serious consideration to transfering to JTCC or Bon Secour for Spring 2010. I agree about turnover rates. As a matter of fact, I believe they are looking for a director right now. I don't find the department to be all that helpful, but then again, maybe that changes when you are actually in the clinical program. Also, overall, I think JSRCC is just slow, and hard to deal with.
  6. by   tishial
    I am also a mother of two little ones. I completed my prereqs. at J. Sarge and applied for the summer program. I start next week! The application process is confusing and I was given conflicting information about how students were ranked when they apply. Overall though my experience has been positive. I expect the summer to be insanely hard and will let you know how it goes. Good Luck with your studies!
  7. by   VA_RN2B
    I have been accepted for the Fall (YAY!!!!) and am looking forward to hearing what the summer program is like. Any hints on what books to buy for NUR 111. There is an orientation in July but I would like to get a head start as I am a bit older than the usual student.
  8. by   lauralauranurse
    oh j. sarge .. ughhh ..

    they're program is such a mess. from the instructors to the unorganization and high-fail rate of it all .. i would suggest anywhere but there!

    the old director wasn't that helpful and the new director is THE WORST.

    i graduated from their LPN program but refused to go any further with them. i'm now at southside regional and really like it so far!
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  9. by   tishial
    I will be happy to keep in touch with you and let you know how it goes. Definitely go to Amazon to look at your text books. I got mine for half the price that the school book store wanted and they are in brand new condition. There are like 6 different required books and several suggested ones. The very first week you will have a medical dosage math test. You must make an 80 on it or they will put you out of the class. They give you 2 tries. I passed mine but some didn't. I suggest that you look at amazon for "medical dosage made easy" as it helped me to prepare. Someone told me about it ahead of time so I had time to look at it a few weeks before classes started. Also they recommend "test taking techniques for beginning nursing students" by nugent and vitale, 5th edition. I have my first test next thursday and I will let you know if this book really helped. You must make a 79.5 to pass the class. No extra credit.
  10. by   VA_RN2B
    Tishial, thank you so much for the heads up and suggestions! I will absolutely get the books you suggested and would love to keep in touch. I applied for the summer but didn't get in so I am so glad that I made the Fall class
    Take care!
  11. by   tishial
    I know 3 other people that got in for fall, they are all nice and will make good class mates.
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  12. by   ksh270
    ]I was accepted as an alternate for the Fall 09 at JSRCC. I was just curious if anyone has any information on the process or probability of actually getting in as an alternate. Any info is greatly appreciated
  13. by   VA_RN2B
    Any helpful hints for starting the JSRCC nursing program in the Fall? I have orientation on July 7th but am anxious to know if there is anything to buy, study, etc. that would be useful. Thanks!!
  14. by   tlc2u
    i don't know about that nursing school, but for nursing school in general, the first semester you should be studying fundamentals of nursing. i found reviews and rationales nursing books or nursing made incredibly easy to be helpful throughout nursing school.
    [color=#996633]prentice hall reviews & rationales: nursing fundamentals (2nd edition) amazon has this book used starting at $3.75 plus shipping. i order most all of my books used online, but i check to see how much shipping will be and if the book comes with its cd. i usually go to my local bookstore or college campus library and look at the different books available before ordering a book.
    your college may have already told you this but you will probably have to buy a scrub top and pants for clinicals in the colors worn by your school and probably a school patch to sew on your scrub top. i bought 3 patches when i was in school and sewed them on two scrub tops and one labcoat. (our school requested a lab coat, however we did not really use it until our third semester). the best thing i ever did was have two sets of scrubs ready, we had two days of clinicals so i had clean scrubs each day and then i did not have to wash until the weekend.
    i also purchased two stethoscopes and two penlights and "always" kept one set in the car for those days when i was in a hurry and left things at home. our first couple years at my school we had to purchase a printed namebadge (i got mine made at an office supply store) as specified by our school. i bought three of these as well so i had one on both my scrub tops and my lab coat. my way of having several of everything might not be necessary for some students but it worked great for me. we needed white nursing shoes as well.
    at our school for first semester nursing we purchased our textbooks in bulk as one large box of books that the school required just for first semster. i did buy thyat first set of books new from the school campus bookstore before i became familiar with purchasing used books online. some schools i have heard have a saunders nclex study book included in this bunch of books. if your school does not include this it is a very valuable book to use during nursing school as well as after school when you are preparing to take your nclex. the book is updated from time to time and a new version is published. when time came to study for my nclex i compared my older copy to the new one out and though there were some changes i just went to a local bookstore and looked at their book to study the few new things.
    other helpful aids you can find used online or in your local bookstore are spark charts and small pocket sized books with need to know useful information in nursing. these were not required just things that some students liked to have.
    at some point i can't remember when but we were required to have bls (basic life support) for the health professional level of cpr, we had to show our card to the instructor at school as well as show proof of our childhood immunizations and hep b series.
    hope this helps,
    best of luck

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