J. Sargeant Reynolds RN Program 2012-2013

  1. Hey Everybody!

    I was curious to know if anyone else applied to the JSR RN program for the Fall 2012. Would you be willing to post your stats??? (GPA, Kaplan scores, etc). I feel very blessed b/c I orginally thought I'd missed the deadline but one evening while I was surfing the web I saw where JSR had extended their deadline...I was able to make it to the last information session, May 7th...and I took the Kaplan test all on the same day (Passed!) and applied to the program the following week.

    My stats are a 3.8 GPA, 89% Math and 86% Reading (ran out of time)...not the greatest scores but I can't complain...I had no time to study before taking the test...oh yeah and a pre-req GPA of 3.5 (receive B's in my A&P courses and a 'C' in ENG 111) with no previous degree.

    Anyone else out there on the waiting train to hear back from JSR nursing dept???
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  3. by   tnbutterfly
    Moved to VA Nursing Programs for more response.
  4. by   Aprilslife1
    I submitted my application today for the RN program for fall "12"...My GPA is 4.0 on the Kaplan I scored 98' on the math & 93' on reading...so now is the hard part waiting to see if I'm selected. I was told applicants will be notified by the end of June.
  5. by   aprincess
    Hey Aprilslife1...I'm with you on the wait...it's gonna seem like forever. So have you applied anywhere else outside of JSR? Good job on your Kaplan scores & GPA...do you have any previous degrees?
  6. by   Aprilslife1
    Thanks! Nope I don't have any other degrees. But I have been awarded a scholarship so as soon as I get my AAS degree I'm transferring straight into the BSN-MSN program at VCU. So I have to keep my GPA @ a 4.0-3.5 or I will lose it. I work really hard and I'm totally devoted to school so the scholarship will allow not to have to work only concentrate on school.
  7. by   lav42788
    I turned in my application for the Fall as well. My GPA is a 3.6 ( I had taken English in 06' and never went to class, got an F, restarted school last year took it and got an A, but it brought my GPA down from a 3.9 to a 3.6) I got a 100% on the reading Kaplan and a 93% on the math. I really hope to get in! Good luck to you!!! Hopefully they have enough slots to take a bunch of us! She says we will hear by the end of June, let the nail biting begin!
  8. by   Aprilslife1
    Good job on Kaplan & your GPA! I really hope to start in the fall. Waiting to get a response is going to seem like forever! I have my fingers crossed for all of us that applied.
  9. by   lav42788
    Thank you Aprilslife! Your GPA and scores are amazing! I'm sure you'll get in! When I went to the info session in April they had said that the lowest "score" that got in for the spring semester was a "31" ( once you do you're GPA x 5 + Kaplan reading x .10 + Kaplan math x .10). I'm not sure how many applicants they are taking right now so that makes me really nervous. I hand delivered my application and when I talked to the woman who does the admission she said that she wasn't sure, but it was more than the 12 slots that they had said that they had at the April 12'th information session because some of the people that were accepted were not attending the program. I really hope they have a lot of spots! The waiting is so emotionally exhausting! It makes me so anxious to not know exactly what I am going to be doing this fall! I really hope that we all get in! Please post when you get something!!
  10. by   aprincess
    Oh WOW....only 12 spots before?!?!? I'm really glad they have more than 12 spots now but my goodness that statement is starting to make me a little nervous. I went to the information session on May 7th and there were at least 45-50 people there...with the new extended deadline the application pool has really increased b/c a lot of students (including me) were finishing up the last of pre-reqs this past spring semester. This application process will most likely be very very competitive.

    Hey lav42788...when you went to the April 12th info session did they mention they had already accepted students into the traditional nursing track for the Fall 2012 semester?
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  11. by   lav42788
    Yes, they had already accepted students that had already applied at the original deadline. At the information session in April they had 12 spots open for the Fall 12'. When I dropped of my application I talked to the lady who does admission and she said that she knew there were more spots than the 12 they had in April because some of the people that got accepted wouldn't be attending so that opened up some spots. Hopefully we get in!! I don't think my nerves can wait until the end of June. This is going to make me crazy.

    The thing I keep reminding myself is that the LPN--RN program, Traditional program, and those who are transferring in from other RN schools are all in separate consideration for acceptance, but we all attend the same information session. So even though there are 45-50 people at the info session they may not all be doing the traditional tract. Thinking of it that way makes me feel like less of a nervous wreck. I have two toddlers and really need to start the program so I can finish and start working. Right now I stay at home so the longer I have to wait the longer we are on one income :/.
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  12. by   Aprilslife1
    Well put it like this no one from my A&P classes nor do I think very many people from my dosage and calculation class maybe be 1 or 2 submitted their application for fall 12 traditional RN program plus I heard through the grapevine that the GPA's were not all that great for the people that handed in their applications by the 3/31 deadline so I think that was also another reason why the deadline was extended
  13. by   lav42788
    That makes me feel a little better. I hope that my GPA is going to be okay. They have a 5 year rule that wipes the "F" off your transcript and I came back one semester too early. It's so frustrating because I never even went to that class (it was me being an irresponsible 18 year old kid). Hopefully that doesn't keep me from getting in because I have straight As, but when you factor in that "F" It makes it look like I don't . Thanks for keeping me updated with what you've heard!
  14. by   Aprilslife1
    I'm almost positive that your GPA is 1 of the top grades submitted so don't stress to much about that and the admissions lady is very much a human before an admissions personal so I now she looks at the big picture ) I hope that we all get in and become great nurses with the training that they teach us.... ) !
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