INOVA hospitals shift differentials?

  1. For my own curiosity sake I've been trying to see what the shift differentials are at the INOVA hospitals (DC metro area) without much luck. The few threads that did come up from AN on my google search are just general differential posts from all over the place and as such they ranged from less than $1/hr to $8/hr and 5% increase to 15% increase values.

    I've only just been accepted into an aBSN program so employment is a while off, just curious about the numbers.

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  3. by   KellyMPH
    This is current per hour differential:

    Weekdays- Nights $4
    Weekends-Day $4; Night $8
  4. by   Quota
    Thanks for the info.
  5. by   SvSanchez
    Is this only for nurses?
  6. by   KellyMPH
    Quote from SvSanchez
    Is this only for nurses?
    Yes, only RN differential. I have no idea other differentials.