Hampton University LPN to RN BSN program

  1. i am seriously considering going for my bsn through hampton universitys program. has anyone here obtained their degree from this university? any info would be appreciated!!! also, i guess i would have to get my pre-reqs from tcc? i am an lpn for the past 5 years and just want to further my education and have more areas to work in, since it seems that at least here in va, lpns no longer work on hospital floors and only are utilized in ltc and dr offices.

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  3. by   HoneyGamble
    Congrats on considering Hampton University's program....will you be trying to go to the main campus or the VA beach campus? I have not graduated from the program however I have been accepted into the program this year. I will be attending the VA Beach campus. It is more cost effective to attend that campus and they have a really good NCLEX pass rates. I wish you well in your journey and if you have any questions in regards to the admission process, feel free to contact me.
  4. by   nicenurselpn
    i called the va beach campus and am waiting on a call back. i am not sure if pre-reqs are required or not. also what are the hours of the program? i know the cost is around $22,000 for the bsn degree. i graduated from mci lpn program in 2006 and have no desire to return there to get my rn at the cost of around $40,000!!! my work assured me that they would work around my schooling which is a good thing!! thank you for any insight you can provide me for this program!!!

    nicenurse lpn
  5. by   HoneyGamble
    To gain admission I was told you have to have at least 15 transferable credits, I recommend get as many as you can. Also you want to make sure you have at good GPA. Out all of the classes I took at TCC, 19 of my credits apply to their nursing program. Could have had more but my first few semesters I was figuring things out so some of the classes didn't count. Here is a link to the page that shows what classes at a community college equate to the classes they have in their curriculum: http://cofvb.hamptonu.edu/docs/Trans...rev_071111.pdf

    I hope this will help you out, it really helped me. When I spoke to a rep in the nursing dept she recommended I get my science classes out of the way as well as my communications class. I especially recommend getting your sciences done. I just found out I have to defer my enrollment due to unforeseen circumstances in my home so I will be attending TCC to finish up a few more classes in the Fall and then I will start at Hampton U in the Spring. As far as schedule, there is not a set time frame you go to class. Your schedule basically depends on what classes you need to take that semester. For example if I was to attend school in the Fall then I would have went to class on Mon from 9am-11:50am and 1:00pm-2:50pm, on Thurs 2:00pm-4:50pm, and on Fri 9:00am-11:50am.
  6. by   rlblair,lpn
    I was told by someone that they will include pre reqs in there. I am actually calling tomm bc I wanna get into the bridge program. i graduated from MCI as an LPN over a year ago and want to go back to school, but def not the MCI program. Wayyyy to much money and too fast paced. i will still have to work while I go to school so I need something so I can go to school a few days a week.
  7. by   Pisces82
    So did you start the program this semester? How is it? I applied to this program at the March deadline, how long did you have to wait to hear from them? I am going CRAZY!!! LOL
  8. by   Wannabeeinscrubs
    Did any of you complete the LPN-BSN? I am looking at all my options...