Does anyone know anything about the Southeastern Virginia Training Center/Chesapeake?

  1. I have an interview in the next week or two. I know its a state run agency for people w/ disabilities, and that its in Chesapeake?
    Anyone ever worked there or know someone who does/did?
    How are the working conditions, pay, benefits, etc.
    Thanks for any input!
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  3. by   smn2010
    * pay: the pay should have be listed within the job description you applied for. if not, look at another rn (or lpn) position with the state (same city) and you may see a salary range. if you placed the salary of your last employer on your application, which i hope you did; be expected to be offered 10-20% above this as a starting salary. if you did not indicate your salary of your last employer, good luck; because you may be offered the minimum for this job position. often, you are asked to bring in the last few pay stubs from your previous employer as proof of your actual salary. this may seem strange; but, there have been nurses who have falsely "elevated" their previous salaries so we must now show proof. (note: when applying for a state or government job, always place the salary from your current, last employer on your application...otherwise you may lose out when it comes to salary offers. with any other organization, i would not indicate my salary; but i know that state/government jobs offer 10-20% above your last salary.)

    * benefits: do a search of "virginia state employee benefits" and you will locate the human resources main page ( click on the blue "employees" link. you will find all the benefit information you need (pay days, holidays, insurance info., retirement info., etc.). working for the state will provide you with many benefits (vacation, family leave, education/community leave, etc.) that allow you to have many days off in a given year. the longer you state a state employee, the more hours/days you will receive. if you are offered the job and you take the position, keep in mind that you can always transfer to another facility if it is not a good fit for you.

    * working conditions: i work for the state but i don't work at this facility. it is in a part of chesapeake that, to me, is out in the boondocks. but, i honestly haven't heard any complaints from the nurses that work there.

    i work at the state psych facility in williamsburg. i have friends that work at the training center in chesapeake as well as in petersburg and they love it. keep in mind, you will always come across those who have negative comments about their place of employment/employer. you must just decide what works best for "you"... and keep it moving!

    during your interview will be the time to ask the questions that will help you determine whether you want to work there. ask: how did the position become available (promotion, transfer, departure, etc.)? what is the average tenure of the nursing staff? can you give me an example of an "average" day (...a hectic day?...)? what have you found to be the biggest complaint/concern of the nursing staff (i.e. lack of sufficient supplies/equipment, call outs, etc.? what are the staffing ratios (staff to patient) for each shift (i.e. rn/lpn/cna/techs)? what are your expections for a new hire in the first 6 months, 12 months?

    hope this is helpful!

    good luck with the job. if you want it....i hope you get it!!!
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  4. by   Ausculapius
    Hmm... What can I say? Are you aware this facility is scheduled to close in the next few years? I can only say if you have other viable options I would avoid this one.
  5. by   smn2010
    The plans for this facility are constantly changing....

    They now have plans to build housing on the property!!!! Old building will be demolished and replaced with new housing to allow the patients to experience a home-like atmosphere while learning, if they are able, to cook, clean, etc.

    But, this current plan could change tomorrow!!!

    You should have already interviewed for the position by this time. Hopefully, you asked the right questions and you now have a better idea about the workplace and future plans for the facility.

    Good luck!