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  1. Hi, I'm an out of state student from California, I'm possibly moving to Va for nursing school. I came across Bryant and Stratton college in Richmond Va. I just want to know if anyone has graduated from the ADN program recently? I know the school is regionally accredited by middle states commission on higher education, approved by the Va state and is ACENand CCNE accredited. Has anyone had any trouble transferring their credits to further their nursing degree for a BSN or MSN? Would I be able to transfer to another regionally accredited university that offers the RN-BSN? What do you think about their nursing program?
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  3. by   Dmw5792
    Did you ever go to Bryant and Stratton?
  4. by   aclopez
    I'm starting the spring semester in May. Are you also thinking about starting?
  5. by   Dmw5792
    Yes I'm supposed to be starting in may as well at the Richmond campus
  6. by   aclopez
    That's great! I'm glad there is someone else starting the same program as me
  7. by   Dmw5792
    Have you scheduled your classes yet? If so are you day or evening?
  8. by   Alicerose
    So what time are the evening classes?
  9. by   Dmw5792
    Most of my classes are 6 30 to 9 15 but they also have 5 to 9 45 options classes meet once a week
  10. by   Alicerose
    2 more questions, with the evening program there are no day classes or day weekend c linicals. What is the expected time to finish? Thanks for your help
  11. by   Dmw5792
    They do offer day classes I have one am class 8 45 to 1 20 but I'm not sure of the other day class times that are offered. My clinicals are on Saturday they also offer Saturday classes but they are limited. This is a 18 or 20 month program I forgot which one. If you have taken prerequisites it will be shorter.
  12. by   Alicerose
    Thanks alot for the information.
  13. by   Dmw5792
    No problem
  14. by   FANCYLEXLPN
    Hello, I also am enrolled in their program to start in May! I actually have to head there in the morning for the nursing interview and to get my schedule. I am curious about their credits transferring also, I plan to ask tomorrow when I visit.

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