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Hi, I'm an out of state student from California, I'm possibly moving to Va for nursing school. I came across Bryant and Stratton college in Richmond Va. I just want to know if anyone has graduated from the ADN program recently? I know the school is regionally accredited by middle states commission on higher education, approved by the Va state and is ACENand CCNE accredited. Has anyone had any trouble transferring their credits to further their nursing degree for a BSN or MSN? Would I be able to transfer to another regionally accredited university that offers the RN-BSN? What do you think about their nursing program?

Hello, I also am enrolled in their program to start in May! I actually have to head there in the morning for the nursing interview and to get my schedule. I am curious about their credits transferring also, I plan to ask tomorrow when I visit.

I asked them and they said they do transfer but I would check with the school in which you are applying to transfer to insure they will accept the credits from B&S. Are you doing morning or evening classes

I finally got my schedule and I'm taking day classes once a week with clinicals on fridays

Exciting! Do you know where your clinicals will be?

Healthsouth rehab hospital, how about you?

My clinicals are on Saturday. Brandermill woods

Hello there! I forgot to respond, but I'm doing morning classes. I have fundamentals lab Wed mornings 8.5 hrs, then the lecture portion 2 hrs and 45mins on Thurs, along with intro to nursing for appx an hr and lifespan development for 2hrs and 45mins, then Friday mornings I have microbiology for about 5 hrs. Good luck to you guys in the program, it's rigorous but it can be done :up:

We have microbiology together! I will see you Friday! Hope your first day went of lab went well

Oh great! I'll see you then! Yes it was great, I hope you enjoy yours also!


I am in the process of applying there now. I have already done my application and passed my TEAS test. I was curious on how the interview went and if you could share what was asked?

That's great to hear! The interview is really nothing to worry about. I spent the whole day preparing and it was more of a discussion about my schedule. Don't stress over it. :)

I will be starting at B&S in the fall. Have you started clinical yet? Do you know what they are like as far as scheduling?

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