Bon Secour Fall 2010

  1. Has anyone applied to Bon Secour College of Nursing?
    I've passed their TEAS test and now just waiting anxiously if I got accepted or not >.< It is so nerve wrecking, as this is my last chance for getting into a program.
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  3. by   Cathylady
    Why is this your last chance and have you heard anything yet?
  4. by   portace
    This is my last chance because if I dont get into any nursing program by this year, my parent will send me back to my home country. So I am kind of living in the ropes right now.... uber stressed and waiting >.<. They said that we will hear back soon or first week of June.
  5. by   portace
    Cathylady, I just found out I got in. T_T <--- tears of joy
  6. by   LPNBENZ
    congrats Portace, what track are you going in for? And how difficult was it to gain acceptance into the program?
  7. by   portace
    Thanks LPNBENZ! Everyone I think, applied for their new BSN program. They were recently accredited by ACICS.
    I would say I struggled a little bit. The TEAS (Version V) is kind of hard. The English and Reading part is kind of like SAT reading and writing. The Science portion is a mixture of chemistry, physical science, anatomy, physiology, and biology. In the math portion, you aren't allowed to use a calculator, so I had to practice that too. Getting the study guide is a must, and they told us that only 50% of the people passed when taking it the first time.

    Here is my timeline:

    January: Applied to VCU Nursing = Rejected (My letter was lost in the mail, and went to two different cities to track it down, couldn't find it. I asked if they could just tell me through the phone, but they wouldn't tell me. Waited another week and it finally came. It was in a huge envelope, so I thought I got in, but inside it.... a single piece of paper that says I didn't get in. Talk about waste of resource, and getting my hopes up. It was mean.)

    April: I found Bon Secours, researched and heard great things about them. Attended their information session on April 10, and I was moved by their presentation which made me want to pursue nursing in their institution. I signed up for the Apri 24th TEAS testing date and this is when I went to overdrive. I was taking Anatomy and Physiology at the same time at VCU (Basically its Human Anatomy and Physiology I and II at local colleges), along with other classes. The week that I had my TEAS test was when I had my Anatomy Lab practical, Physiology lecture test, Physiology lab test, and Philosophy test that I had to tend to while studying for the TEAS test daily. It was the longest 3 weeks of my life. I basically studied non-stop for 3 weeks, didn't have any breaks and it was hard.

    2 days later I received my TEAS score and it was a monkey off of my back. I passed in the 90th+ percentile. I was tearful! By passing the test, I still had a chance to stay.

    May: I still had to keep my grades up because they were asking for the Spring Grades. I raised my GPA up and all I could do now is wait and I found out I got accepted on the 27th. The gorilla (stress) is of my back.

    It might not sound that much but I really struggled. I guess I did something right for once to be accepted.

    This is only the beginning and it's only going to get harder from here on out. This experience will surely help me later on in the road.
  8. by   dolphinbeauty09
    I also applied for the program, however, have not heard back yet. I also applied at Southside Regional and got in, however, Bon Secours is my preferred school. I'd rather get my BSN than just an RN. I eventually want to become a NNP (Neonatal Nurse Practitioner). I'd like to get my BSN at Bon Secours and then work in their NICU for 2 years and apply for ECU's online NNP program. I'm hoping I hear back from Bon Secours within a week because I have to let SRMC know about acceptance by next Friday! I'm keeping my fingers crossed I got in. My TEAS test was in the 98th national percentile, however, I'm unsure if my previous grades will affect me negatively. I guess I'll find out soon!

    Hopefully I will see both of you in August
  9. by   Ashtanga
    I have also applied and not heard back. I am on pins and needles. I passed my TEAS in the 98+ percentile, all my pre-req grades are A's and B's and I have excellent recommendations. So why should I be so nervous? Because over a decade ago when I first went to VCU I didn't go to classes and generally goofed off, so my GPA is incredibly low. I just hope they can see that everything I have done in the past 3 years has been 'A' work and that the bad grades were a reflection of me being a immature teenager, not a reflection of my current and future achievements. Either way, I am very nervous.
    I took my TEAS on the May date.. has anyone else who tested on that date heard back one way or the other? I wonder if they are going through our files in order of when they became complete.
  10. by   dolphinbeauty09
    I am not sure, but I suffer from the same thing with the GPA, where I goofed off for awhile and since then have gotten As and Bs... I contacted them about my application because I have to respond to another program by next Friday and I don't want to be stuck without a program though Bon Secours is my first choice. They told me that they were going to put my application into the committee this week, so hopefully I'll know by next Friday. Keeping my fingers crossed! Good luck to all of you and hopefully we'll all have some classes together
  11. by   hippydippy
    Congrats to everyone who's been accepted! I've just started looking at the Bon Secours program and really like a lot about it, I was wondering though if it is truly a 4 year program? If you have the standard pre-reqs does that shave off some time? Also, what made you decide to look into a BSN program over an ADN? What other schools did you look at in the Hampton Roads area? I just want to be done with school but at the same point want to get a degree from a program that will be worth something and help get me a job. I feel like it's hard to get straight answers from a school as to the actual length and what counts and what doesn't. Thanks for your input
  12. by   FirefightersWife
    I think I remember seeing on their website that it could take less than 4 years, probably depending on if you have a prior degree, or have already been taking pre-reqs somewhere else. They have several information sessions scheduled, that would probably be the best way to find out direcly from them. But I know how you feel, I'm ready to get into school and be done!
  13. by   hippydippy
    Thanks FirefightersWife! I looked at the website and didn't see any upcoming info sessions, just ones that happened in March or that kind of stinks. Have you looked at ODU's BSN program? I just heard about it yesterday from a girl in one of my classes and it looks like once you have the pre-reqs done it would be 2 years full-time, but certainly doable. They have afar amount of pre-reqs though it seems like, but I suppose in the end it's all about the same time frame. Good luck with your searching.
  14. by   FirefightersWife
    Thanks! Bon Secours does have an info session coming up on July 23rd at 9AM. But it is in Richmond, and I gather from your posts you are in the Hampton area. I think there is one in August too, but I don't remember the date.

    I have looked into ODU, but Norfolk is a little far for me considering I'm in Richmond. I'd love to live closer to the beach, but convincing my husband to move would be a little difficult! lol

    Good luck to you as well!