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Hello all. I have been accepted at Hampton Univ.'s nursing program. I already have a BS and hope to complete the nursing courses I need to get the BSN. Hopefully I can do that in 2 years or less...... Read More

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    Thanks LunahRN! I am soooo excited.
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    Quote from smn2009
    sorry, i would not recommend hu (main campus or the college of virginia beach) to my worst enemy!!! i attended hu and graduated with a 3.7 gpa and have been working as an icu nurse in another state for several years now...

    please, please, please access the virginia board of nursing/virginia department of health professions website:

    review the current year nclex passing ratios as well as previous years. hu ratio was only 46-77.5% from 2004-2008!!! hint-hint: disregard an nclex passing ratio of 100% with only 5 or 6 students testing!!! ask yourself...what happened to the rest of the graduating class (there are usually 25-30+ students each semester) ??? why haven't they tested yet!!!???

    the goal is to attend a school that has a consistent 85+% passing ratio on nclex. even better attend schools with 90-100% passing ratios.

    also ask yourself:
    *** do you want to attend the highest priced school in the area with such low nclex passing ratios!!! i don't think you do.
    *** how many clincial hours does hu offer each semester? what do these clinical hours consist of? let me tell you...because hu cannot keep clinical instructors on their payroll (because the instructors do not get paid on time; so they quit and never return!!!), the students end up suffering. students spend way to much time in the computer lab on clinical days because there are too many students not enough clincial instructors... is this how you want to spend your money??? hu won't admit to this but they will give students computer lab time in place of actual hospital clinical hours in order to meet the va state nursing board requirements for clinical hours...


    let me also add...don't expect most people (professors and past students) to be completely honest about hus nursing program--because they will not. instructors/professors need their jobs! past students need references if they decide to further their education. current students don't want to be mistreated by instructors while they still attend. no one wants any "negative" marks associated with their name so they will not be completely honest when it comes to discussing their nursing program.

    it is not necessary for me to knock down hu's program. i will let the nclex passing ratios located on the virginia dept. of health professions website speak for themselves; but only you can make the determination as to where you spend money on a nursing program. just keep in mind. nursing is not a field that you can just venture into. if you attend a nursing program and after one or two semesters decide that the school "is not for you" you cannot transfer core nursing courses to another school. you can only transfer your prerequisites. think carefully about the school you attend and make sure it is the school you intend to remain with--for the long haul.

    whatever school you attend....good luck! and enjoy your new career as an rn!!
    to smn2009: oh my goodness.... i am a prospective mother with a daughter who wants to go to hampton for nursing... and i have not put down a deposit yet. ohh.. now my head is spinning. thank you for the information. i would love to speak with you directly but i just joined so i guess i can't send a private message.
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    if you don't have the answers to these few questions...hold on to your deposit!!!!.... especially if you have not: toured the nursing department ( the virginia beach campus, look at their lab equipment/mannequins--broken, lacking, with no intention of being fixed), ask how often the lab is used for instruction; review the clinical rotations for this semester (not their printed curriculum that is located online; but their actual clincial rotation for the current semester), inquire about the number of students in each clinical rotation and the hours allotted for each on a clinical day--at the medical facility (...not in the computer lab...); inquire about the expected clinicals for next semester--discuss where students will be participating in their clinical rotation ("organized" schools have their clinical rotations determined each summer for the entire year), determine if the university has fixed their financial aid issues...

    there are many questions for you to ask at hu (or any school for that matter) before you enroll.

    also, have you checked the past 4-5 semesters of nclex results on the virginia dept. of health professions website (disregard results/scores for only 6-10 students when there are 35+ in a class!) ???? if you haven' need to. remember you are looking for a nursing program with "consistent" good/better than average results on nclex...

    hope to communicate with you soon!

    take care....
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    Now I don't know what to do. I've been accepted by Hampton as well, and I'm not too sure if I'll get accepted to the other nursing schools I applied to (I've already been rejected by one in my home state, Maryland). One school already wrote back to me & said they will not make a decision until they see my final transcripts at the end of May. The other one I applied to isn't a good school so I'm not considering that one at all. I really want to start nursing school this fall, but I don't want to make a costly mistake by attending a bad school.
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    Hello. This is Epona. I am the original poster of this thread. I did end up going to HU and graduated Magna Cum Laude with Departmental Honors. I am now a Registered Nurse! Sure. There were some areas in the nursing school that could be improved upon. But you will find that anywhere. Yes. The school has one of the lowest NCLEX passing rates, HOWEVER, it is up to the student to study and make it happen. Most of the professors do help you and they want you to be successful. You are given the tools there to be triumphant in your quest, but YOU THE STUDENT have to make it come to fruition. Their NCLEX score is low overall, but I am happy to say that my class had a NCLEX pass rate in the 80's. Most of my classmates took boards and passed their first time. They are all working as nurses today. One thing I will say, is HU is VERY EXPENSIVE.

    I would not count HU out. I went there, among others, and we came out on top. We are proud RN's today!

    Good luck in your decision! :redpinkhe
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    I hate to say it; but Epona has probably provided you with all the information you need. He/She said it best, " Yes. The school has one of the lowest NCLEX passing rates,..."

    Anyone/Everyone attending a nursing program, realizes from the beginning that it is up to the student to study. Each and every person in school today knows this---it's common sense. A nursing program is not a "free" ride to a degree and new career; however, there is an expectation that the university will provide you with the information you need to pass the NCLEX and perform as a competent nurse once you leave the program. If you don't put in an effort--at any university--you won't make it. In this regard, Hampton University is no different than any other school because EACH student must invest time towards studying. The question the HU passing ratio for the NCLEX-RN so low...?? One reason...curriculum. Another reason, the instruction being provided is not adequate enough.

    As for the professors, yes there is a small number---that you can count on one hand---that are dedicated to their students. These professors are the ones that teach the Pediatrics/Maternity/L&D-->Growth & Development portion of the curriculum. All others are working at the school for other reasons. I personally heard a group of instructors who openly stated they were only working to prepare for their retirement--otherwise they would not be at HU. You can imagine the "shock" felt by the students that overheard the conversation. This negativity shows in the classroom.

    Further more, let me state that the individual who started this thread really knows nothing about HU. I indicated this in one of my earlier threads. S/he did not even know that HU has an accelerated RN program. S/he believes the ATT portion of the nursing program is "new". S/he knows nothing about the past law suits, threats of current suits, threats to go public with HU on the local news by HU students. Because of this, I would not consider the originator of this thread to be a reliable source when in comes to HU. S/he only knows about his/her graduating class--and nothing else.

    Also realize that Epona twice states that HU NCLEX scores are low but wants you to attend the school.... Yes, her class has an NCLEX passing ratio in the 80's. But, that's NOT GOOD ENOUGH! Well, what about the other classes?? As s/he also states, "HU is VERY EXPENSIVE." Let me say that HU is the MOST expensive school in the area with the LOWEST NCLEX passing ratios. Suggesting that an individual attend the school knowing this information--does not make ANY sense at all???? I am an HU alumni and I would not refer my worst enemy to HU's nursing program until they fix their many problems. HU now has a new dean of nursing but it will take YEARS before improvement will be seen at the school. The current problems at HU will not be fixed overnight or in one or two semesters--or years. Please believe that.

    2B1whosaves indicated in an earlier response that s/he transferred to another school after 2 years at HU. Noone has to rely upon what I have written; however, I would suggest you contact him/her (2B1whosaves) via PM as a means of finding out more about the HU program.

    Good luck to those searching for a nursing program. This is not something that you want to rush into so take your time as you make your decisions regarding which program to enroll in. No one has money to waste.

    As for schools...whatever your decision, enjoy your career as a nurse once you have completed your program.
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    Quote from Epona
    I did end up going to HU and graduated Magna Cum Laude with Departmental Honors. I am now a Registered Nurse!
    I just wanted to say congrats!