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Hello all. I have been accepted at Hampton Univ.'s nursing program. I already have a BS and hope to complete the nursing courses I need to get the BSN. Hopefully I can do that in 2 years or less...... Read More

  1. by   smn2010
    sorry, i would not recommend hu (main campus or the college of virginia beach) to my worst enemy!!! i attended hu and graduated with a 3.7 gpa and have been working as an icu nurse in another state for several years now...

    please, please, please access the virginia board of nursing/virginia department of health professions website:

    review the current year nclex passing ratios as well as previous years. hu ratio was only 46-77.5% from 2004-2008!!! hint-hint: disregard an nclex passing ratio of 100% with only 5 or 6 students testing!!! ask yourself...what happened to the rest of the graduating class (there are usually 25-30+ students each semester) ??? why haven't they tested yet!!!???

    the goal is to attend a school that has a consistent 85+% passing ratio on nclex. even better attend schools with 90-100% passing ratios.

    also ask yourself:
    *** do you want to attend the highest priced school in the area with such low nclex passing ratios!!! i don't think you do.
    *** how many clincial hours does hu offer each semester? what do these clinical hours consist of? let me tell you...because hu cannot keep clinical instructors on their payroll (because the instructors do not get paid on time; so they quit and never return!!!), the students end up suffering. students spend way to much time in the computer lab on clinical days because there are too many students not enough clincial instructors... is this how you want to spend your money??? hu won't admit to this but they will give students computer lab time in place of actual hospital clinical hours in order to meet the va state nursing board requirements for clinical hours...


    let me also add...don't expect most people (professors and past students) to be completely honest about hus nursing program--because they will not. instructors/professors need their jobs! past students need references if they decide to further their education. current students don't want to be mistreated by instructors while they still attend. no one wants any "negative" marks associated with their name so they will not be completely honest when it comes to discussing their nursing program.

    it is not necessary for me to knock down hu's program. i will let the nclex passing ratios located on the virginia dept. of health professions website speak for themselves; but only you can make the determination as to where you spend money on a nursing program. just keep in mind. nursing is not a field that you can just venture into. if you attend a nursing program and after one or two semesters decide that the school "is not for you" you cannot transfer core nursing courses to another school. you can only transfer your prerequisites. think carefully about the school you attend and make sure it is the school you intend to remain with--for the long haul.

    whatever school you attend....good luck! and enjoy your new career as an rn!!
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    [font=book antiqua] an fyi...the hampton university-college of virginia beach (hu-covb) began its first semester in 2003...
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  3. by   Epona
    I would like to comment on what SMN2009 has said. I just graduated from HU. Yes, there are areas in the school that could be improved. No doubt there. Yes. It was very expensive. On the other hand... I think like with anything else, you get out of something what YOU put into it.

    I studied my tail off and would go to the professors if I had questions. I dedicated my life to school. It was very hard and required LOTS of time. Yes... aspects of the program could be frustrating at times, but nothing is perfect.

    I feel like I learned A LOT there. I did well and graduated top in my class at HU. I took the NCLEX just a few weeks ago and passed the FIRST TIME. I am now an RN. I only had my license two weeks and was offered a job with a large hospital network.

    The previous dean instituted the ATI program and the Hurst review for incoming students. Since then, NCLEX scores have gone way up. The accrediting agency came to visit the school a few months ago and we passed. The school is nationally accredited and is the oldest BS program in the state.

    So no, nothing is perfect and yes, aspects of the program could be improved. However, I put a lot of time and dedication into this and feel I got a lot out of my eduation there. I am proud today to call myself an RN. Life is what YOU make it.

    Good luck in your decision!!
  4. by   smn2010
    [font=book antiqua]epona:

    [font=book antiqua]please! my comment regarding hu is completely focused upon the nclex passing ratios. every student at every university needs to study their "tail off" so you are no different than me or anyone else.

    [font=book antiqua]...and yes...the last graduating class (may 2009) is doing better than most regarding the nclex. i know there are still a few more students that still need to take their things could change. i also know this will be the first time in many, many years that hu will be able to honestly state that their graduating class of 50+ students had a 100% nclex passing ratio. the virginia board of nursing website clearly shows this. so there is nothing that i stated that was improper or incorrect regarding hu's statistics.

    [font=book antiqua]let me also state that hu knows they are in trouble regarding accreditation. the hu main campus was in jeopardy of losing it's accreditation!!! you obviously didn't know that. additionally, you probably aren't even aware of the fact that both campuses (main and the covb) were at one time grouped together on the virginia state board of nursing when nclex passing ratios were calculated. because of the "hidden" problems associated with the hu nursing program, the main campus and the covb were separated (given different program codes) to allow for separate nclex passing scores to be posted on the virginia state website. if you did your homework you would know that this is the 2nd or 3rd time in a year that the accrediting board has been in the school. now, you need to ask yourself why? ....hhmmm....maybe legal issues??? do you really "think" that your instructors or the dean would want you to know this?? the majority of your instructors are not even aware of these legal issues. how do i know this? i happen to personally know several of the students who are involved.

    [font=book antiqua]again, ask yourself, why has the accrediting agency returned to hu??? once you figure out the answer to this question, you will fully understand the comments that i have been making.

    [font=book antiqua]my initial comments were directed toward the low nclex passing ratios (for the past 4 years, 2004-2008) and making prospective students aware of this important factor when determining what school/nursing program they wish to enter. again, one semester (may 2009) of above average nclex passing ratios does not mean anything unless hu continues to improve upon its nursing program...and continues to receive above-average nclex passing ratios. whether you wish to accept this fact or not, a 77.5% average (one year it was as low as 46%) is not good in regards to nclex pass ratios.

    [font=book antiqua]the only thing that you have now proved in your comment is that hu knows and is fully aware of the problems associated with their nursing program and have finally begun to make changes in the right direction. also, ati is not new to hu. ati software has been used for the last 3-4 years. as a recent graduate, you are not even aware of what is new...what is the nursing curriculum. you did not even know that hu had a 3-year accelerated bsn program!!??!!

    [font=book antiqua]as i stated, i graduated with an above average gpa and i received many honors, in various areas, while attending hu. i have been working at a prestigous medical facility, out-of-state, on a neurological icu floor for a few years now. i am in the process of being trained to become a charge nurse/assistant unit manager. i am also pursuing a masters degree (family nurse practitioner) as we speak. so, i "appreciate" the education i received from hu but i know it should have been better. fifteen-twenty+ years ago, hu was considered a "prestigous" school. no longer. now, hu has many hurdles ahead--before it can regain the recognition it once had.

    [font=book antiqua]as an alumni, you have taken my comments too personally because i am merely being honest about the school and making all those interested in attending a nursing program aware of statistical information they should question before attending any nursing program.

    [font=book antiqua]you can refer your family and friends to hu's nursing program; however, i will never do so until i see a consistent passing ratio on the virginia state board of nursing website. i can assure you that this will not happen overnight or in one semester.

    [font=book antiqua]i think that people are looking for honest feedback regarding hu and that is what i have provided. if an individual has their mind set on attending hu, they will do so. if they are in limbo and trying to make a final decision about what school to attend for nursing,

    [font=book antiqua]again, the goal of my comments have been to make people aware of statistical information regarding nursing programs in the state of virginia. in the process, i sited facts surrounding hu. with the information i provided, i hope that each and every person will now access the va state website to review nclex pass ratios as they make their final determination about their school of interest.
    [font=book antiqua]

    [font=book antiqua]good luck to all current and prospective nursing students. study hard :typing and make the best of your education wherever you happen to attend!
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  5. by   Epona
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I was not aware of ALL those issues. I knew of some of them, but not all. I agree that the NCLEX scores need to continue to stay up. When we took our ATI predictor test, we were told we were the smartest class that ever graduated from the school of nursing at Hampton University. That came from a professor who had been there many, many years. So far, we've had the highest passing NCLEX scores. As a class, we tried to set the bar and we broke it. Yes... HU does face some challenges perhaps, and the road ahead may be long, but it appears the 'powers-that-be' are aware of it and making strides to improve the program. My class is evident of that. It's certainly making a comeback, and I was glad to be a part of that first step.

    Thank you for shedding light on all the issues for us.
  6. by   nicoled80
    I had applied and got accepted to Hampton U a few years ago. I never went for various reasons with my primary one being lack of communication. Cost was another major factor. Instead I completed my BSN through VCU. That was the best decision that I have ever made.
  7. by   2B1WhoSaves
    In my opinion, you are CORRECT! HU is just bad news. I went there for two years and sadly, had to transfer because they are so non-resourceful...among OTHER things.
  8. by   nicoled80
    So true. I do not know what to do anymore. There arent many options at all for me here.
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    Hi! I sent you a private message but realized that you only have 6 posts and I don't think you have access to private messages until you have at least 15. I was asking you about info on VCU. Did you complete the accelerated BSN program there? Are you trying to find a job now? Any info you can share would be great!
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    Hey Aztova, I was just trying to figure it out as well. Is there anyway we can exchange emails?
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    Yeah, I think if you click on the envelope next to my name it should send me an email. Thanks!
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    I dont see an envelope
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    Well that sucks, lol. I guess you don't see anything until you have 15 posts. You have 7 more to go and then they will open the door