All the nursing schools in Hampton Roads

  1. I was trying to list all of the nursing programs, (RN, ASN, BSN) and I am sure I am missing some. Please help me get a complete list.

    Medical Careers Institute
    Norfolk State
    Hampton University- Virginia Beach
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    ODU, they have both traditional and accelerated programs.
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    Hampton University (Hampton Campus)
    Paul D. Camp Community College

    For a complete list of schools in Virginia, visit the website of the Virginia Board of Nursing. In their section on "Education," they list all of the programs in the state, along with contact information. On another page of that site, you can find the NCLEX pass rates of all the schools for the past 5 years, minutes of the Board meetings, etc.

    Just Google "Virginia Board of Nursing" and you will find it.
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    I just thought it would be nice ti have an easy to find list of just Hampton Roads schools
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    Has anyone attended the Hampton University nursing program in Virginia Beach? I'm currently an LPN who graduated from fortis college a few years ago, and im looking into HU, any recent graduates or current students, please reply. Ive only seen things up here dated for 2011 and 2012.
    Thank you
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    I this this page has what you want

    Nursing Programs near Hampton, VA 23666

    I searched for LPN and RN programs (ADN, diploma and BSN) around zip code 23666 and found 35 schools within 50 mile radius