Accepted gmu 2nd degree bsn student.

  1. Hello accepted GMU 2ND DEGREE BSN students. Congrats to you all. I also applied to the program but I havn't heard anything. My first degree GPA was 3.12 while my prerequisite GPA was 3.5. Can you pls tell me what your GPA'S were? because if I wasn't accepted this year,I intend to try again next year. Thank you for your time.
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  3. by   adavis4
    Ola28...I'm still waiting to hear as well. Just checked the mail and nothing yet...I'll keep my fingers crossed for us both!
  4. by   ola28
    Thanks.Wish you all the best as you await your letter.
  5. by   vwde
    I was accepted. To answer your question, and since I only know mine, my BA GPA was 3.93 and my pre-req GPA was 4.0. However, especially in the information session, they did say that GPA was somewhere lower on the list for admissions. Meeting the requirements and your essay was higher on the list. Hope to see you all in school this semester!!!
  6. by   ola28
    ..VWde,Thanks,I was denied admission.I guess I should have also applied for the traditional program.I will have to wait till next fall.
  7. by   VTH20Polo
    vwde: I noticed that you mentioned you were accepted to GMU's 2nd Degree nursing program for this Fall. Have you taken the TEAS test yet? I take it later today and was trying to look up the "standard" that GMU says we should get but do not seem to find it anywhere. Thought I would ask around.

    To answer the original question. I was accepted and my BS GPA was only a 3.57 and my pre-req's was a 3.94. Like vwde did say the eassy was what they were really looking for. You need to show them you have a pation for nursing. The worst thing you can say is that you always wanted to be a doctor and just could not 'hack' it, so the next best thing is nursing. That is a big NO!

    Hope that you apply again for next Fall and good luck!
  8. by   vwde
    From what I hear, there isn't really a "standard". They are looking for our math score more than anything but it seems that it would have to be a pretty bad score to get into some type of remedial training. Anyway, you'll do fine. Most people I talked to didn't study very much and still did ok. I took it and did ok in the math category. I don't know where we'll go from here. Are you in the 2nd degree program? We've already got a small group going from the people I've met. If you'd like to "join", send me your info. The more we stick together, the better!
  9. by   Pmkn10RN
    Does anyone know if the khaki pants are a light or dark shade?
  10. by   vwde
    I just ordered the pants in "khaki" from a universally used scrub manufacturer. I would think that's good enough.
  11. by   africa.bound
    Hi! I'm looking to apply to the 2011 program... my fiance will be moving to DC this year and we won't be getting married till next fall - SO since I've heard you DON'T want to get married right before or during the program I'm postponing application a year... do you guys agree with what i've heard?

    Anyway, I'm working on the prereqs and will hopefully make a 4.0 in those and I had a 3.96 undergrad GPA. Now I am wondering what gets you in to this program?? I keep hearing GPA is low on the list... so what is high on the list? I don't totally understand the TEAS... I'd never heard of it before. Is it like the GRE? By your posts, it sounds like you don't take it before applying... is this correct?

    Also, what sets this program above the rest? Why did you guys choose GMU? Would you also recommend any other programs?

    Any info is greatly appreciated! Thanks and best to all of you currently in the program!!
  12. by   RDHVCU
    do they also weigh what kind of degree you have as well?

    I have my BS in Dental Hygiene..personally I would think that it would look better if you have some sort of healthcare/science related degree...does anyone know?
  13. by   vwde
    It doesn't seem to matter at all. There are prior english majors in the accelerated program.
  14. by   RDHVCU
    thats interesting. I hope I have a fighting chance :P, I just took my TEAS yesterday and got an 88.2. Vwde, do you know what a competitive score for the program is? tia

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