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Hi, I am a new member to this forum and I had been recently accepted to Shenandoah University. However, I have heard very poor reviews for the nursing program from previous students there. There... Read More

  1. by   ola28
    Thanks for that post.It was encouraging to have read that.I know you'r almost done with your program at leesburg by now,and am about to go in for the spring semester in 2010.I recently checked out the nclex pass rate for shanadoah it was between 70-75% which is quite low for a private school.Can u pls tell me how much the ABN actually cost per semester.They gave me the cost of the program to be about $50,000 overall.pls can you confirm if this is true? or it cost more as am actually planning to put every penny of it on student loan and I know they said we can't work but am actually planning to work on saturdays and sundays nights(private duty) so that I dont have to put my feeding money on student loans too. Is this possibly based on your experience? Also,do they have housing for 2nd degree nursing student at leesburg? I was on craigs list trying to search for rooms for rent in leesburg.There were just a few and the minimum cost was $750(that's expensive).Pls advise.
    Thank you so much and God's favour on your nclex exam.
  2. by   mell260
    To those that have been accepted to SU? What were your cumulative GPA and pre-req GPAs??
    Trying to gauge how competitive it is compared to Marymount....
  3. by   carlyrose
    Im starting Shenandoah's program in the fall. Id like to live with another person in the program. Anyone need a roommate???
  4. by   nurstudent12
    Hello, is anyone starting/doing the Transfer nursing track at Shenandoah? Any advice? How hard is it? Should I go part-time?
  5. by   SUstudent
    I only applied at Shenandoah (accelerated 2nd degree program) and it wasn't because I couldn't get accepted anywhere else. My overall GPA was a 3.7 and in my prereqs, it's 3.8. I have gone to graduate school at Georgetown in another field and taught at the college level.

    I applied to SU b/c it was close to me (I live in Ashburn), it has a great, long tradition in nursing education in the Shenandoah Valley, and b/c the Nursing Dept Chair of the ED where I worked prior to attending SU raved about SU grads to me. Plus, I knew and worked with some graduates from this program and was impressed. I didn't feel like driving to DC and I am not a fan of GMU (it feels like a machine to me, I took a few prereqs there.) And that was that. Not sure where all the bitterness comes from about SU.

    I've had a great experience, small clinicals at INOVA Fairfax, Fair Oaks and Reston Hospital and also will go to Loudoun in the fall. I have found the instructors to be 99% excellent and I can't imagine having a better situation. I got some scholarship money based on grades not financial need (called a transfer scholarship or something) and it pays for about 1/3 of the tuition. I did not receive a good vibe when inquiring about the GMU program.

    Good luck with your decision! Collect a lot of data before making your decision.
  6. by   riagant
    Shenandoah University has a lot of problems. Suggest you try George Washington University's program in Leesburg The faculty & university staff can not be trusted. The cost is high & the instructors unreliable (if they show up). The university is NOT well know either. A total waste of time and money.