Violence towards Nurse?


I was wondering if school nurses ever encounter violence towards them. I don't ever see it mentioned. I've had two students threaten me. It shocked the hell out of me because they were both 12! I work in a fairly diverse middle school but I have had student tell me to do my job, call me fat and two verbal threats. I've complained to the higher ups but they seem just overwhelmed with entitled parents. I know there are only a few more weeks till school is out but I'd like to know if for the future if there a different way to handle

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ugh,,,I have had a few get verbally aggressive. The worst was during Covid...a parent was crazy mad because I was excluding a child based on sx and rules in place at the time. Fortunately, my principal intervened and advised him to never speak to one of his staff members like that again.

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We have behavior units in my school so I have so experience in this.  Document and report anything you know is a red flag.  

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No threats or physical harm from any kids, but I have definitely been verbally abused by parents - mostly while enforcing COVID rules in the early days, but also with a few anti-vax parents and parents with TBI histories who are just irrational to begin with, so I never take it too seriously. Any time anyone starts to get heated on the phone, I try to get a witness and let the parent know I am going to put them on speaker phone. From there, if they continue to berate me, I tell them that they sound very upset and if they would like to continue the conversation when they have calmed down, I would be happy to, but if the yelling is going to continue, I am hanging up. I almost always end up hanging up and letting admin know about it.