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Violence against nurses

by red2006rn red2006rn (New) New

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It was a sad day when one of the best nurses that I had the pleasure to work with was "let go" due to defending herself against a violent patient. Not only was she let go, she was told to "keep quiet". We worked together in the Emergency Room for years. Knowing that we had been trained with CPI to manage an agressive patient, we all felt comfortable in these situations. We also had an excellent security staff whose presence was constant in our ED. It's the ones that you don't know about that are the downfall. This patient had no history, that we were aware of at least. My friend was tossed around like a rag doll. It sickens me to know that this is happening not only at this facility, but all over the country.

We know as nurses that there are times, especially in the emergency room where yes, you do get hit, scratched, spat upon, etc. but when you are merely trying to defend yourself so that you can survive and this is they way its handled, is truly disgusting!

The battle is ongoing, but I can only hope that she recovers and is able to find a new job somewhere that she will not only be appreciated, but will be able to show just how great of a nurse she truly is.