Very out of school and passed on 1 st try


Hi to all!

Today I got my quick results and decided to share my experience...

Officially, I am around 30 years after med school in my country. (BTW, English is my third language so if I make some mistake, do not pay attention) I used to be an MD in my home country and after moving to US 12 years ago I started to passing USMLE boards and passed, but for a few years couldn't find a residency spot (I think mainly due to age) and for a while I gave up. But my husband talk me into a retraining school for MD to become a nurse and I thought why not? As the retraining school was also foreign it took me almost 2,5 years to get my ATT and take the test.

I used mainly UWorld (this is the best resourse), read Saunders once, and went through med-surg book by Lewis, Bucher. also find an electronic version of the La charity Prioritization and last 2 weeks I found Mark Klimeks audios (which are awesome), and NClex study guide (which is floating somewhere on the internet). My overall on UWorld were 63% before doing wrong questions, first self-assessment I took right at the beginning - it gave me borderline passing; and second one I did 3 weeks prior my test. I got 58% and high chance of passing.

Exam was...I don't know how to describe it even, some questions were very vague, I had around 20 SATA, 2 EKGs and 1 positioning question. No math, but a lot of Psych and I hate psych, really. Format was similar to UWorld but the phrasing of the questions were different. My exam stopped at 189. Did the PVT after 2 hrs and got a good pop up, but you never sure until you get the results.

So, now I think I am the oldest one here and I DID IT!!!

Congrats to everyone who passed!!!

Good luck to everyone who is going to!!!

If you have any questions feel free to ask!