Versant program 2015 at Christus Santa Rosa in San Antonio


I would like to start a thread to see if anybody receives interview invitation or hears any movement for Versant program 2015 at Christus Santa Rosa in San Antonio. (According to last cohort, I assume they will begin to call selected candidates around December 2014) Welcome for those who were offered a position from last cohort to please share interview experience and how to prepare for the interview in order to satisfy interviewers. Thank you very much. :woot:


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I applied and hope to get a call! What unit did you apply for? Also wondering if anyone knows how long the residency is at Santa Rosa.

Specializes in NICU( RN), Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. Has 13 years experience.

I had a question and was wondering if someone could help me out? After I did the questions it says that you will still need to apply to the San Antonio position, the thing is when I did the search I could only find 1 versant position and that was in NB. Do you know if I am to apply to all of the positions I would like?

Thanks in advance