nursing (ADN) at vermont technical college

  1. ADN program at Vermont technical college? I wan to apply for the ADN program at VTC. Do I need to get a LPN first or just directly apply for the ADN program? I heard that there are waiting list. Any information will be very helpful.
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  3. by   StarofLifeRN
    I've applied to VTC for fall 2012, and my understanding is you have to start with the practical nursing program first. I'm not sure what the criteria is to move on to the ADN.
  4. by   mtnbob
    Thank you crs249. Which campus are you going to be? I emailed them and did not get answer. I will visit the Williston site and maybe I can get answer from there.
  5. by   StarofLifeRN
    I applied to the Williston site. The application deadline isn't until February, so I won't know for a while if I have been accepted. Did you email the admissions office? I found them to be very responsive.
  6. by   mtnbob
    i emaled (moderator edit of name - please do not per terms of service post names of individuals in your program) and did not get answer. i will email the admission office later today. do you have to take any pre-reqs before applying?
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  7. by   StarofLifeRN
    I'm not sure if there are pre-reqs for VTC, but I would imagine they would favor applicants who have completed some science courses. I have also applied to Norwich and to UVM's master's entry program. UVM likes to see nutrition, stats, a&p and microbiology, so I am currently in a premed program finishing up those courses. I'm hoping they will help me!
  8. by   mtnbob
    I think that you will be a great candidate for both programs. I heard lots of good things about UVM's premed program. They have high rates of acceptance to the medical and PA school. I could not make up my mind for a PA school or a nursing school :-(
  9. by   StarofLifeRN
    The premed program has been great, and I was able to tailor it to what I needed. The only problem is that I won't finish until May and the application deadline for UVM's master's program was last week, so I couldn't take advantage of the linkage agreement which guarantees an interview. If I don't get in to UVM this go around I'll wait until after I'm an RN and then apply to their DNP program. (The nurse practioner program is changing from master's to doctorate level after the upcoming class.)

    A couple of my classmates are trying to decide between med school and PA, or PA vs NP. I am set on nursing - my problem is the VT programs are competitive and and I can't go anywhere but VT. I was hoping by hedging my bets among the three schools that something would pan out. I did get accepted to Norwich, but it's a bit of a commute so I'm really hoping for UVM or VTC.
  10. by   NeedchangeofPace
    Quote from crs249
    i'm not sure if there are pre-reqs for vtc,( pre reqs are now required, see ccv's allied health program)but i would imagine they would favor applicants who have completed some science courses. i have also applied to norwich and to uvm's master's entry program. uvm likes to see nutrition, stats, a&p and microbiology, so i am currently in a premed program finishing up those courses. i'm hoping they will help me!
    vt tech prefers lpn first..if you take lpn program you need 3.2 gpa in first term and need to maintain 3.0 for the next 2 terms to be considered for acceptance, there are not as many seats available for rn program vs lpn program (150 vs 192) if you do not maintain gpa you will be put on waitlist and might not be able to get the site you want, but may be accepted at different site. if you want brattleboro you may have a seat in northeast kingdom.
  11. by   mtnbob
    Thank you NeedchangeofPace for the information. I got more information from their website as shown below. Wondering how the faculty decide to give a current PN student a recommendation or not? How they determine the number for each site?
    'LPN licensure with 3.2 minimum GPA after first semester and 3.0GPA in LPN coursework or equivalent; Minimum accuplacer scores of 70 for Arithmetic and 40 for Algebra; Freshman levle English placement; 2 letters of recommendation; high school level Chemistry (with lab) or college level Microbiology; and criminal background investigation.' 'Current PN student must have recommendations from at least one current faculty and one healthcare employer/colleague; LPNs must have recommendations from two healthcare employers/colleagues.'
  12. by   mtnbob
    Dose anyone there know the tuition of the LPN program(not including housing). I checked the website but got two different answers. Wondering the total tuition for the LPN program? Desperately need the number for my decision . . .