Looking to relocate, how is the job outlook in VT?

  1. Hello everyone

    I know there are a lot of similar posts floating thoughout the nursing boards but I haven't seen any recent one for vermont, so I figured I would ask.

    So..I am a new BSN grad (if May 09 is still considered new) Haven't landed a nursing job yet, have been licensed in CT since Aug and I am looking into jobs in other states. I keep hearing from everyone that If I can't find a job where I am located, that I should move...So how is the best way for a flatlander to do that?

    I'm not picky about where I would work but I would like a hosptial, any FT position.

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  3. by   VTRN774
    If you're free to pick up and move, I'd consider looking at Dartmouth Hitchcock, which is accessible to both Vermont and New Hampshire, and Fletcher Allen, in Burlington.

    If you're willing to take any shift, any specialty, there are definitely jobs, though not as many as there were a year ago. The further north past Burlington you go, the more likely there's a shortage. Good luck!
  4. by   dalgal
    Hi...VTRN774 is right...north of Burlington (well, St. Albans and Newport anyway) always seem to be posting open positions. I don't know about their pros and cons though...good luck!