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Hello. I have been reading this site for awhile now and am entering Ivy Tech in the fall. I was originally on track to complete a computer science degree but nursing has long been in the back of my mind. Lately it's been more and more apparent that nursing is where I really want to be.

Anyway, I have been making notes while reading and am confused. I read/noted that the co-reqs were-

Math 118- {can choose 117 but 118 covers the math on the teas}

psy 201 or 205, Soc 111 or 164 {choose ONE}

Com 101 or 102

Eng 112 or 211

Anp 201, Bio 211, Chem 101 or Phys 101 {choose TWO}

But elsewhere I see discussion of where to take Microbiology and a couple other classes that for some reason did not make it into my notes.

My question is this- what, exactly are the co-requirements for the ASN program? Does it differ between campuses?

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The prereqs to be able to apply are the same across all campuses.

English 111

Psychology 101

Anatomy and Physiology 101

Anatomy and Physiology 102

You must also take the TEAS test and pass all 4 sections.

I think the co-reqs are the same across all campuses. If you're planning on going past your ASN you might check the requirements for schools that you might attend for your BSN or MSN.

Some schools want 10 hours on ANP so in that case, taking ANP 201 would be beneficial (that's what I did). I also picked Micro and I think it would be a very useful choice. If you've never had Chemistry, that would be helpful as well.

English 211 (Technical Writing) is really easy and you can take it online. Don't know about the other English option.

I picked Sociology SOC 111 because it seemed like it would be easy to take online (which it true, it was almost hilariously easy to take online) because I wanted an easy class to pair with ANP 201. This would be another good time to check with possible BSN schools to see if they require any of the options. Getting them out of the way at Ivy Tech will no doubt be cheaper.

I can't help with any of the other classes, my previous degree took care of those.


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Thank you. I have also noted that some campuses online courses are more streamlined or easier than others. Which campus did you take Soc111 out of?

Another *hopefully quick* question.

I have a couple of refresher classes to take before I can get into AnP. Would AnP 101 and Soc 111 online be an adviseable option for summer 2010?

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ANP can be done over the summer, I did 102 last summer online. It was pretty rough and I didn't have as much time to retain as much, but it can be done. It also depends on how much you work.

I took Soc 111 online from Bloomington. We had discussion boards each week, an open book quiz each week and 4 papers during the class. There was tons of extra credit offered and no tests AT ALL. Those "quizzes" though could sometimes be up to 40 questions a week.


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Micro is what Ivy tech calls Bio 201 or 211. One of them is 4 cr. and the other is 3 cr, can't remember which is which off the top of my head but I *think* Bio 201 is the 4 cr. one.

I took Soc 111 online through Muncie I believe it was. Exactly like Lennonninja said, weekly discussion boards and open book quizzes, no exams, and 4 papers. Some weeks we did have 2 chapters to read; no doubt in a summer term you'd pretty much have to count on having at least 2 chapters a week. I took it along with ANP 101, Com 102, and Math 118 (all online) all last spring term and it was doable for me but I don't work outside the home at all, I'm a stay at home mom. I'm taking ANP 102 online this summer as my only class, which I'm glad for because with the shortened term and the kids being home all summer, it would be hard to be able to devote enough time to more than just the one ANP class.


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Thank you.

The plan right now is for me to work part-time until next fall. Friday through Sunday this semester, and next semster based on my class schedule/homework load. Since I have to pay for summer courses out of pocket I'll probably only be taking 2 so I'll be working more hours over the summer. My wife is a massage therapist, and one of her goals is to build her client list to where I don't have to work while I'm in school by the time I am accepted into the nursing program if not before, but with this economy, we'll see.

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