Ventilator Management: Essential Skills for Non-ICU Nurses- free 60 min. Webinar

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Part of the ANA COVID-19 Webinar Series

Ventilator Management: Essential Skills for Non-ICU Nurses


You may soon be faced with one of the most challenging aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic: The need for nurses with little or no critical care experience being called on to be part of a team caring for severely ill COVID-19 patients, many of whom must be on a ventilator to survive.

Taught by a highly experienced critical care nurse specialist and educator, this program presents key skills needed when caring for a patient on a ventilator.

Presented through a partnership between ANA and the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (AACN).

Content is presented in an easy-to-understand – and use -- manner. After viewing this webinar, you will be better prepared to be an effective part of a team caring for critically ill patients on a ventilator.

This 60-minute on-demand webinar contains four sections which you can view all at once or one at a time. Topics include:

  • Basic ventilator settings and abbreviations such as rate, tidal volume, PEEP, and the modes of ventilation commonly encountered for patients with respiratory failure and ARDS
  • How to assess a patient on a ventilator: Important differences compared to routine patient assessments
  • Ventilator alarms: The how to’s of ventilator alarm assessment and troubleshooting measures and interventions for apnea, high pressure (including how to suction a patient with an ETT), high minute ventilation, and low pressure/low minute ventilation
  • How to assist during intubation


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