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:mad: Today was so hectic. I work rehab hospital that just open another unit so basically the entire floor of the hospital is dedicated to rehab. Our manager has not fully staffed the unit so we have to literally walk a block to see our patients on the other unit. Well today I was so PO'ed. I was walking around checking on my patients and didn't noticed two nurses (oh and one was the charge nurse that did not take patients till 3, and she slip out at around 3) slipped upstairs to a competency training thingy. Oh and they fail to notify me they left the unit. The another nurse coming on was in "report" for an hour. So the next thing I know I the only nurse at the desk and someone is trying to call report on a patient. And the lady has an attitude "the vans here to get the patient. I NEED to call report". I was like uh hold on let me get the charge nurse ( she has only 6 patients so she was the logically choice for a patient and she hadn't had any patients all day). I went to look for them (all the nurses no one was available). I would have took report if I know the patient was coming and who the patient was to go to. But I said heck no I am not taking responsibility for this patient. I went and got my manager thinking she would take it. She was like just take report it don't mean you'll take them, and she was like the charge nurse is at the competency. Luckily the lady hung up. Finally after about an hour the charge nurse shows up. Then after about a hour and a half the other nurse shows. And the funny part is the nurse that took such a long time off the unit with out telling me=is the nurse I was helping all day (she so old and walks with a limp, dont get me started on old cuz we have one aide thats 77). I guess the manager didn't know neither nurse told me they was leaving the unit. I debated whether I should email the manager about it. :confused:
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That sucks! I think the fairest first step is to talk privately with each of them about how their leaving left you in a big pickle. Hopefully, their response is to appologize and assure you it won't happen again. That's the best start (in my opinion).

your not a charge nurse or supervisor ,,,, DONT STRESS OUT!!! that patient was not assinged to you just place the call on hold until someone shows up ... and relax and take care of the ones that are assigned to you

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having a hard time w/ your grammar..... difficult to figure out the scenario you describe.... BUT... does sound like you were left all alone and they could not have cared less. Look out for your own and help out the best that you can. I would've taken a report from the nurse trying to call one in, but it would've been a very basic one. Hand that off to the nurse and tell her that was all you could manage with all of the other things that needed to be addressed at that time.

Don't let their shoddy work ethic rub off on you. Do your job, but don't do their job too!

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