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Vent: Bored of Cubicle Life (Long)

Hi all. When my daughter was born (4 yrs. ago), that's when I decided that I wanted to go into nursing. The nurse who took care of me when I was in labor was great, and she was the one who inspired me to go into nursing. It was like a lightbulb finally went on in my head, and I knew exactly what I wanted to do for the rest of my life! (It was a GREAT feeling!!) I had been going to a community college for several years taking basic courses, but never knew what I was going for, and it was very frustrating. So when nursing finally came into thought, I was very excited to start pre-reqs and get into a program. Well, due to financial circumstances I'm still working at my same job (office job as a secretary), finished my pre-reqs, and patiently waiting for my husband to graduate (this Dec.). It looks like I may not get to go into the RN program, but hopefully LVN, since its 1 year. (Probably won't be able to afford being out of work for more than 1 yr.) Anyway, I just want to vent because I'm still stuck at this job and don't want to be. It's very boring, and most of the day I'm sitting at desk with not much to do, and if it is, it's very tiedious work, and have been very depressed because I haven't gotten my chance to quit and go to nursing school.

Another thing is this: I've never worked with customers before. I have, but that was 12 yrs. ago, and it was over the phone. I've never worked in health care, retail, or even fast food...I've been at my job for over 10 years doing clerical work. My hubby tells me he doesn't know how I'm going to be a nurse when I've never worked with customers, and nurses sometimes work with the worst customers-sick, grumpy people and their families. His advice was to work in retail for a few months before I become a nurse! He's right, but my specialty goal is to work in postpartum or newborn nursery, or even L&D. I may not get there right away, and I'm aware that there will be times that I'll have to take care of sick people but I've been telling myself over and over that they're sick and it's normal for them to be grumpy and not to take anything personal if I get chewed out by a patient. So I am a little nervous about going into nursing for this reason.

Is there anyone who is or has been in the same (or similar) situations I'm in? Whether it be patiently waiting while working a crappy job, or never having worked in customer service and went into nursing? How was the change? I would appreciate any comments or advice!:)

Hello Dottie,

I found out that most of the people who go into nursing were inspired by a nurse they knew or who nursed them or a friend/family member. I worked at a bank for over 20 years. Believe me it was not my dream job, but I went to school at night and knocked out those prerequisites, because I always wanted to be a nurse. Hey it took me years, but I finally was able to quit and devote myself full-time to nursing school.

I empathize with you on how frustrating it is to have to wait to fulfill your dreams. Have you considered talking to the local hospitals? Some of them have programs where they will pay for nursing school if you contract to work for them. Also some offer part time positions for student nurses. Also have you considered student loans? I go to a state school and so my tuition is not outrageous. 1 year is not too bad.

I guess I would just encourage you to do what you can to get there.

I wish you good luck.



I'm SO there, Dottie78. I have 3 year old son, I just got my CNA license almost 2 months ago. I am STILLworking in an office as an office clerk for 4 years, and the walls here are getting smaller for me. I need to soar and spread my wings!!! I used to work in a petshop and animal hospital. Quite familiar setting minus the grumpiness (animals moans when thay are in pain, and can't really blame them if they are in pain) So from a pet care taker to an office clerk moving on to getting that LVN/RN, I'm like a big ball bouncing waiting for air to pop out. But I'm holding it for my son. Just don't lose hope, we'll get that LVN or RN following our names someday!


I have worked in the "cube" for over 15 years. Let me tell you........my rear is showing the signs it's time to "move on". I changed jobs last year due to being laid off for about 6 months - moved to another "UGH" cube desk job. This new job, is a good job as far as pay and benefits, my only REALLY BIG issue is the girls I'm working with --Just CAN"T work with them for the next 25 years til I retire.....that's what's motivating me to change careers so late in life. My opinion, about you worrying about having customer service, etc... don't let that stop you. I think if you can answer a phone, talk to people, have compassion, and the drive to get there, you will make a Great Nurse! People don't realize that they use customer service Every Day! My sister is in a customer service job and she doesn't think she can do anything else. If you are determined, you go for it! This field is so Huge, my sister works at a VA hospital and says there are nurses there who have never touched a patient after clinicals. I work for surveyors of the state health department and these people don't touch the patients. And believe me ....there not all pleasant people. So, this being all my opinion, there isn't a "requirement of good customer service to be a nurse". You go for it! And best of luck to you.

Thanks for the replies and advice. I will continue to patiently wait until I can attend nursing school and will not give up. As far as loans go, taking out a private loan is tempting, but I won't be able to because my husband is going to owe a lot on his school loans when he finishes. I'm going to try to get financial aid, and we're just going to have to struggle with the bills and live off his salary for a year. I could try finding a part-time job, but not really looking forward to it, but I guess I will if I really have to.

ta4616: I can relate to my rear showing signs as a result of my "cube job"! LOL Not only that, but dressing up and wearing heels almost every day is getting old. I would be much more comfy in tennies and scrubs! It is definetly time to move on. :wink2:

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