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I am interested in applying to the VCU ABSN program once I take a few classes this Fall. I work full-time and wanted to get opinions from those who are familiar with the program. Do you know if success stories of folks who have made it through while working FT? I am an LPN with my BS and work FT, M-F at VCU. I have a very flexible schedule, so I'm hoping to make it work.

Any opinions or stories are appreciated!

I did not go to VCU's accelerated program, but I looked in to it as well as the one at George Mason. All the people that I work with that did these types of programs did not work at all. They are pretty intense since the whole nursing degree is packed in to 15-18 months.

I worked out my own plan instead that allowed me to get a BSN in nearly the same amount of time at a much lower cost all while continuing to work full time. I went to a VA community college for my ADN and took classes online with ODU for my BSN at the same time. Started classes for both in August of 2014, got the ADN in May of 2016, and the BSN in August the same year.

So I got my BSN in 24 months for a fraction of the cost. I highly recommend it for anyone in VA - especially someone who already has a bachelor's degree.

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Thank you for your reply!

I am also looking at the LPN to RN Evening/Weekend program at JSRCC.

Since not working is just not an option for me, it sounds like the JSRCC route will be the best one for me. I read earlier about the option with ODU, which is great!

Thanks again!

I definitely don't recommend it. The program is full-time and sometimes I barely felt like I had enough energy to be a care partner part-time (12-24 hours/week). I don't think I knew a single person working FT during the program.

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