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VCI - LPN Students/Grads

Hi everyone, new to the boards here. Was just curious if anyone knew any information on VCI (Virginia Career Institute) and their LPN program? I tried searching the boards here but only found 1 post regarding them, and it was just in passing (not really about the program itself). I went to VA BON site and looked at their NCLEX pass rates, but curious about what others who attended thought of their overall experience with the school.

I know it has been some time since you asked, but I am a student there and my overall experience is a good one. I feel like the teachers really care about your success in the program. What you put into it is what you get back and I personally believe that is at any nursing school. There is now a new DON and I believe she is making really good changes for the school. As students we have been told some of the things we are required to do in our classes are done in RN programs. For me that's a good thing, especially if you plan on going back to school to get your RN. I hope that this helps you.

Hi tj309, I'm about to start the LPN program with Fortis 4/6, this Monday. Do you still attend?

I was THISCLOSE to not going, but the DON took the time to talk to me...actually EVERYONE took the time to talk to me and were so great. If you're still there let me know! It would be great to know someone going in!

Hi nccatim, I graduated from the program so I no longer attend. For the most part everyone is very friendly. When you start, it's nice to get to know or even be cordial with the nursing students who are semesters ahead of you. Ask them questions about their experiences while being in the program. Most are willing to tell you the good and bad. Form your own opinions, but listen to the ones you get and decipher what is important to help you along the way.

Hi tj309, I have to say, i really appreciate the people there. they are very encouraging and the classes are small. If i may ask, did you have a hard time finding a job? I'm hoping that after this course I can get into a hospital so i can have an income while going for my rn degree.

nccatim, I am still waiting to take the nclex. I have not applied or looked into any jobs yet. I am waiting until after I take it. I know that a lot of the hospitals are limiting the amount of LPNs they hire. They tend to go through a cycle of hiring, limiting how many to hire, and not hire any. They are always trying to figure out if they want to utilize LPNs. Nursing homes are always taking LPNs. I wish you good look in the program. Just remember, what you put into learning is what you get back. Don't be afraid to ask the instructor questions if you need help. The ones that I had was always willing to help.

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