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Do you all know if hospitals will do them on someone who has NOT has the low transverse incision. My daughter was a 29wk gastroschisis preemie, so they had to do a vertical incision to make enough room to get her out without smooshing her intestines. I don't know if it was a classical or low vertical incision (or if that would even make a difference). My daughter was only with us for two and a half months before passing away, and my fiance and I are looking to have another baby soon, but I would love to do it vag this time (my first was a vag delivery) and I wasn't sure if this would be a possibility...BTW my external scar is transverse...Thanks,



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I dont know of anyone that would, risk of uterine rupture is too great, the outside scar makes no difference. Why risk your life and that of your baby? Have a c-section and make everyone a lot less nervous. good luck


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My first child was a c-section, my second child was born vag. There is of course a risk involved,but it was well worth taking that risk.

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As far as I know, if you have a classical (aka vertical) incision on your uterus, you should not attempt a VBAC, it is far too dangerous as the scar tissue is not as "strong" as a transverse incison and you have a much higher risk of uterine rupture-which can be life threatening to both you and your baby. Also, make sure that your doctor realizes that your uterine incision is verticle, as the transverse skin incision might be deceptive and they may suggest a VBAC, assuming that your uterine incision was also transverse.

Hope this helps.


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I dont EVER think taking an unnecessary risk is acceptable when it involves my life or that of my baby. When you've been involved with a baby that died because of uterine rupture, you would probably feel the same way, doesn't matter how fast you can do a c-section, sometimes it's not fast enough, if she had a scheduled c-section or had a c-section immediately when she went into labor she would not have had a dead baby. Just the facts.


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I had a VBAC. However my incision was transerse, and my Dr told me that if it was vertical I would have to have a c section.



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This is a question to pose your obstetric care provider (when you get pregnant and select one). We DO do VBAC's on women with low transverse incisions only. If unknown or vertical, the doctors will not agree to proceed with VBAC/trial of labor. Just to let you know---- the incision on the OUTSIDE of you may be a different "path", as it were, than the one on the INSIDE (the uterus itself). So you need your operative report of the csection for a any doctor or midwife to feel reasonably safe in allowing a trial of natural labor in your case.

Hope this helps. I am so sorry for your loss. I hope your future baby is born healthy. Take care.


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Yeah, if you do have a classical incision they will not let you try for a VBAC. The risk is too big. Sorry to break it to you, as I can see you wanted to have one...

Amanda :)

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