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Howdy all!

I am looking for a new pair of shoes that will have some longevity. After shopping around my home town I think I have narrowed it down to two options. Vasques Mantra 2.0 or Brooks Addiction 12. Does anyone have experience with either? What are your impressions?

Or, what do you like what would you buy again? What big box store sells them so I can try them on? I don't buy something I can't try on first and my local nurses store does not sell men's shoes.

I do have somewhat flat feet 6'1" and roughly 190lbs.

Thanks in advance


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I like my Brooks Addiction 12. I do believe that Dick's Sporting Goods sells them. If anything go to a runner's store and have them fit you shoes. There is one in my area and they are great. I usually can get almost 9 months out of a pair. That is a long time for me. Brooks aren't too terribly pricey (110-130.00/pair).

I have never heard of the other brand you mentioned.

The Brook's shoes I have aren't cushy but are very supportive.


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The basque are more of a hiking shoe but I found them to be very comfortable, supportive, and stable feeling! Stopped in a red wing boots store and that's what they recommended, priced at $130. Brooks where recommended by Scheels and $120. Also comfortable, supportive, and stable feeling.

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WHAT??? Time to have a discussion about gender discrimination with the manager of that "nursing store". It's very short sighted to ignore 10% of the market.