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We have recently started using the vasoseal collagen device in our cath lab. I would just like to have some input from other cath lab nurses who have or are using this device. Such as how effective has it been for you, what do you do when you have a hematoma after vasoseal has been applied, and anything else that may be benefitial to me during this trial phase. Thanks...


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I have been using vasoseal for over 4 years. I like the newer device better. Personally, I found that there were fewer failures when the staff deployed the vasoseal rather than the physician. I think maybe it is because the physicians are in a hurry to get to the next patient, so when case is over closure is rushed more. We, on the other hand, are into making sure everything goes right with THIS pt. (Could be wrong, but that is my opinion!) If failure occurs, we just hold manually if not intervention or place a Femstop if pt has had thrombolysis therapy. I have also used Perclose, Angioseal, and Duett. Think they all have their merits, just need to think of the pt and take each case individually.

Have not used the Tyvek system however. Do you are anyone else have experience with that? Interesting in others' opinions.


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Tyvek? Do you mean Syvek? We have used the Syvek Patch exclusively in our lab for about a year now and have had great success. Reduced the patient's bedrest from 6 hrs to 2 hrs. The rebleed rate is the same or less than before the patch.

Our lab has never used vasoseal, so I cannot comment on it.

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