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Hi All!

I am seriously considering the PMHNP program (the one year program), but have several questions that would be best answered by people in the program or who have gone through it

1-Is this program crazy intense? Is it doable with a family? Can one keep working PRN? Can you describe how intense it is?

2-What is the success rate...I mean what percentage complete the program and pass the licensing exam

3-I have a 3.95 GPA but no nursing work experience and a fair GRE 1300... what are my chances? How does this compare to people who have been accepted?

4- What is the employment rate of recent graduates of this program, esp those with little prior nusring experience? What types of jobs / salaries are they able to secure?

Any enlightening info on this subject will be greatly appreciated

Bodhi :)

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I didn't get accepted into Vandy but I did attend their open house in the spring. They are very big on GPAs and GRE scores so I think you have an excellent shot in gaining acceptance. Good luck!!