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Hello to all! I just signed up to become a member of the allnurses community. This will be my first so called topic of discussion. Has anyone on here been through the nursing program at Valencia Community College in Orlando? I am looking to start in the Spring of 2019, and I would love any insight possible. I am so pumped and cannot wait to start, I have been dreaming about what all nursing school entails and would love any feedback! Thank you!

I did not go to Valencia but I thought I'd just say welcome to allnurses! I love visiting Orlando!

Thank you so much!

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Currently in Valencia's program. I wish I listened to people who told me to go elsewhere.

Oh no! Are there any reasons in particular?

Expect to do a lot of learning on your own. Not many lectures and TONS of information. (Maybe you will be better off in the spring semester than we were in the summer as far as lectures. We lost almost three weeks!). If you have any specific questions pm me. I am done with nursing 1 tomorrow!

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I will private message you. I'm wrapping up Nursing 2 on Tuesday.

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