Vaccuum Asisted Closure Wound Treatment


I am a practice nurse in a walk in centre. Today a patient presented to me for a drshisen discharged from hospital with a vac dressing and said that it needed changing today. I have not done a vac dressing since 20q01 and even then I only did one and that was under supervision. I contacted the hospital AMD they said the district nurse was going to do it and that the patient has her contact details. I finished my shift and went home. The receptionist from work phoned me later to say that the district nurse lead said they won't visit the patient as he is mobile and that I have a dirt to do the dressing. What would others do int shoes?

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Usually when pts are DC'd with wound vacs, home health is set up to change the dsgings. Most wound vacs we deal with are changed mon wed friday. Is this pt seeing your clinic for the dsg or for something else?? If an agency is supposed to come and change it out, I would have the pt call them. Sounds like the pt slipped between the cracks so to speak.. I don't know, sounds strange.. Is the clinic MD the one who ordered the wound vac or did her surgery ?? The more I type the more questions I have.. Sorry my post is all messed up.

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If you get stuck being the one to actually have to change this, find the name of the manufacturer on the wound vac and give them a call. In my experience, they are often a wonderful source of tips and hints and will often send someone out to meet up with you and give you a hands on inservice.


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Find out who your rep is for the wound vac company. They should be able to come out and instruct you on how to apply. Don't app apply a wound vac if you don't know how, you could make the wound worse.