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VA Hospital , Mather California salary offer

by rvvmen777 rvvmen777 (New) New

I was offered a job at VA hospital at Mather, CA $134 grand, Nurse II and step 11. ( same salary amount that I am getting in new jersey) I have BSN ,31 years of operating room experience and a Certification . Is the above salary amount acceptable for Mather ,California? Can I still negotiate for higher like $150 grand and how?


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What did you decide to do on the question of the salary?

It sounds like a good salary to me. I just received a tentative offer as a psychiatric nurse practitioner, level 3 grade 4. (Relatively new nurse practitioner with only 2 years of experience as nurse practitioner , 8 of experience as a psychiatric nurse)

They offered me $134 k.

Jeckrn1, ADN, BSN

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Without your masters getting a nurse 3 might not happen. You can ask for them for step 12.