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2017 VA hospital application process

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Hello guys just wondering any body work for VA hospital here or got interview or something I need some advices please.

So I received an email saying this:

---"We have reviewed your application and found you qualified for the position listed above. Your name has been referred to the employing agency for consideration. THIS IS NOT A JOB OFFER. The facility at the above duty location may contact you for additional information. If you have any further questions regarding this position, please contact the Human Resources Department at the hiring facility.

Thank you for looking to the Federal government for employment opportunities. This is your final notice regarding this vacancy announcement."---

Just fyi, I used USAJOBS website for application. I was really thrilled too when I check my notification saying like this:

  • [h=5]Application Status[/h]


    You are among the best qualified candidates and have been referred for the next step in the selection process.


I was like okay? is this a good news or something? :)

Then what's the meaning of this one as well?

Spec Code: 001

Spec Title: 2S Inpatient

Grade: 00

Rating: EL

Please guys I need some advices. So applied online last 11/28/17 then the job posting closes at 12/7/17. I went to a job fair last 12/2/17, luckily got quick interview maybe 15mins with one HR personnel I think for nursing department. So on 12/4/17 I send a thank you email that I got interview. Actually I was shock coz during job fair, not all applicants was not called for interview, we're all waiting in the lobby for our names to be called, I don't know why but yeah. So btw, the day of my job fair interview, the HR personnel said that she likes me and ask me what department I want, so I said any department since I'm flexible, I feel like our interview went well even it's only short, it was a weekend just fyi guys. Then HR told me that my application was be forwarded to nursing managers to one the nursing dept. So as of 12/18/17 I receive the NOR saying all informations above. Do you guys have the same experience like me or any VA hiring process you guys wanna share. Thank you.

-PS this a Mental Health RN position :)

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It just means that your name has gone forward to the hiring manager — you made it through the initial filter that just determines if you meet job qualifications. The hiring manager can choose to contact you for an interview if they so desire. It's good news. The rest I am not sure about.


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