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I have been an ED/ICU (primarily ED) nurse for three years, most of it as a travel nurse. I have seriously been thinking of settling down with a permanent job and have just started looking into the VA. I am interested in a gov. job, good benefits, retirement. From what I have read, the benefits and retirement are better with the government than what I can get at a non military hospital. I am looking for information on this type of nursing. Most of my experience are in bigger hospitals, Level II Trauma centers, I am a certified Trauma nurse. I am curious to see what a contrast would be from VA ED nursing to my normal duties now as a Critical Care/ED nurse during my travels. Also, the pay range seemed decent for an ED nurse through the VA compared to what I would get working full-time for a hospital in my area. I am prepared for the realization I will be taking a huge pay cut as a permanent staff member again compared to what I make as a travel nurse. Also, I have read that the government hiring process is a nightmare in itself. I welcome any comments.


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Each VA is different on the level care the ED offers. The one I worked at was not much more then a band aid station, no ekg changes, blackboard, fresh cva symptoms etc. Brought in by EMS. Other VA' s would accept these patients. Once you know which VA you want to work at you will be able to get a better picture.



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I work for a VA ED. Got hired in with no nursing experience but I did work there as a student through an internship program. The only trauma we see is any trauma allows the patients to still be able to be awake and alert enough to walk on in. As far as cardio and neuro we ship it out. Like the other person said, it really depends on the other services offered at the medical facility.