VA application states not referred, yet phone interview scheduled?

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Looking for feedback from VA nurses..several months back I applied for a position at a VA clinic. Heard nothing, checked about a month ago the USAJOBS.GOV site and it showed the job listed twice - once that I wasn't selected/turned the job down (impossible since I never interviewed for it) and the second listing (for the same job/same number) stated I was "not among the best qualified and was not referred"

Ok - 2 weeks ago I receive 2 emails from the states I did not select preferences, the other states I met requirements and was referred. I checked the usajobs site and it still showed the original status as above.

Today I get a call to schedule a telephone interview for the position. I'm thinking maybe there were any other candidates or they didn't like the ones they had selected already.

I don't understand how I can be scheduled for an interview if I was never referred.

Thanks in advance for the feedback.

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I have noticed that some VAs have variable use of the USAJobs status. The may have decided to refer you after all and just never updated the status on USAJobs.

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