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UWorld-NCLEX 2020

by Em93 Em93 (New) New Student

Hey! I was wondering if anyone has used UWorld for their NCLEX experience that may help me out a bit. My score are from 48-62% as of right now and I took my first assessment test and made a 57% and it gave me the status borderline. I am somewhat nervous because I have three weeks left to prepare for my NCLEX exam, and I really need to pass the first go around! I am reading every rationale and rewriting them out, even the answers I got right. Does anyone have any tips/ confidence boosters? Thank you so much! 🙂


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My dear you doing the right thing as you stated. Most importantly, you will not regret using UWorld. UWorld will make you wanna become a doctor it will bring out the best in you. The rationale is well explained with example and pictures. Just concentrate on UWorld I beg you. Again good luck in advance

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First of all, what is your percentile on UWorld? Just keep reading all the rationale as from today, read your notes as well. UWorld is good. Also, what do you mean by 48 to 62%? Is your score 62% and medium score 48% or are you talking about each 75 question taken range around 48% to 62%

Hey! Those are just a range of my scores from all the tests I have taken. I have an average of 56%. The numbers just have me so nervous.

No don't be nervous. You got this and since you have 3weeks left, just do all rationale thoroughly. Read your notes as well and know why something's were wrong. Just focus on rationale then do your final assessment and you will be fine.

Note, read all rationale both right and wrong.