I will be graduating in the spring ASN and was looking at applying to UW's or WSU's RN-BSN programs. I was leaning toward WSU even though it would mean moving to Spokane.

Has anyone here gone to either program and if so what did you think. I am looking for both positive and negative responses. I have seen from an earlier post that if accepted to UW's program there is no guarantee that I will get to do a clinical rotation at UW Medical Center or Harborview is this true?

Also, please let me know whether you did the online program or did you attend classes at the Spokane Campus?

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WSU's RN-BSN program is an online program, so unless you really want to move to Spokane...you really wouldn't have to. I think if you had clinicals, they would work with you to schedule it near your area. I've heard pretty good things about UW Bothell's RN-BSN program. I've known many nurses that have gone that route once completing their ADN.

However, this was hearsay, so I don't know if there's any truth to this, but someone mentioned to me that WSU doesn't make a notation on your transcript if you have completed your degree at WSU-Vancouver, WSU-Yakima, or at any other of their satellite campuses. It will just say that you completed your BSN at "Washington State University." While at UW, they will make a notation that your degree was completed at UW-Bothell or UW-Tacoma on your transcript. I'm sure most people won't care, just as long as they have their BSN credentials...but some people may be sensitive to the fact because they may have some sort of stigma against satellite campuses or whatever.

Anyway, just an FYI in case that's a factor in choosing your school. :wink2:


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Actually according to the WSU website you can attend lectures at the Spokane campus or do the program online. I would prefer to be in the class during lecture as I seem to get more out of it compared to online classes. It would also give me more opportunity for different clinical compared to where I am now and I really don't mind moving. I am actually looking forward to it.

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I see, I wasn't aware that WSU had an on-site program as well.

That is not true that UW doesn't schedule their nursing students for UWMC or Harborview for clinical experience. They do. With the BSN program, in particular, it's random where students end up going for their clinical, but those two medical centers are possibilities.


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I had to wonder if that was true. It was stated on a previous thread that there was no guarantee that you got to do clinical rotations at UWMC or Harborview. I was really looking forward to being able to do clinicals at those two hospitals and get the feel for working in a facility with a more diverse caseload. Are you a UW student?

Yes, I'm a current UW student. It's true, there's no GUARANTEE you will be scheduled for UWMC or Harborview for your clinicals, but they are included in the list of hospitals for clinicals. You just get assigned to a hospital for clinicals. UW students are present at literally all of the area hospitals for clinicals (Swedish, UW, Overlake, Evergreen, etc...). Are you applying for next year? Good luck!


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I'd apply to the school located where you want to live after graduation. You might meet other nurses at local hospitals during clinicals and this might help you in your job search later on. It would also help if you needed references I'd imagine.


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Thank you for all the replies, I really appreciate it. I actually wouldn't mind living in either place, they are both great places. Although, Spokane does get more snow than Seattle, and I really like snow, but either would be great!

Case of the monday's how do you like the program and the instructors at UW?

I am very happy with the instructors and the program itself. Very solid overall. UW is ranked top in the nation and it shows. Everything in the learning labs is new and modern, the instructors are top in their field, and most importantly they want you to learn. No one is left behind, so to speak. They do all they can to ensure you succeed. You just have to work hard and take it seriously just like anywhere else. The only possible negative is the UW is so huge and it's easy to get lost in the crowd. It's important to seek help early if you are having trouble in a class and really advocate for yourself. But I would highly recommend the program to anyone! :)


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You can do the WSU RN-BSN program in Tri Cities, Yakima, Spokane, or (I think) Walla Walla. I'm biased, but I liked WSU. I was a traditional BSN student. I did a couple years in Pullman and a couple in Yakima. My diploma and transcripts say WSU. No satellite mention.

Unless you're in Spokane, your lectures will be telecast (in real time) to your class. You can interact, ask questions, answer questions, etc. I really didn't feel like I was at a disadvantage.

Good luck!


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I wouldn't necessarily recommend UW. But of course I've never been to nursing school anywhere else. In my experience the instructors are mostly tenured faculty who haven't worked as nurses in a long time AND their idea of "nursing school" is outdated (e.g., we had more than one instructor tell us that women go into nursing because they have dysfunctional "caretaker" mentalities--maybe in 1975, but not now!) Also, the learning lab is larger than other schools but the simulation models were broken almost every time I had a lab AND the instructors in the lab are not coordinated with the lecture instructors so it becomes a huge headache for the students caught in the middle.

Anyway, I was one of the students who never did a rotation at UWMC or Harborview, and the prospect of those opportunities was one of the reasons I chose UW over the other schools that accepted me. So it was disappointing in that regard.

Would I be a better nurse if I'd gone to WSU? Who knows. But I'd probably have fewer student loans.