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UW ABSN 2015


Hello you all!

I'm from Seattle, and I am applying to the University of Washington to be part of the 2015 cohort for their ABSN program. I wanted to know if there was anyone else here on the same journey. Yes?

I'm applying to a few other ABSN programs around the country, too:

Duke University

Johns Hopkins University

Oregon Health and Science University

New York University


MCPHS University

University of Rochester

University of Massachusetts - Amherst

Emory University

I know admission to UW and the other accelerated nursing programs are pretty competitive, and I hope to give myself a shot of getting in somewhere by increasing the places to which I apply. The schools I'd really love to attend most are OHSU, Johns Hopkins and MGH.

My undergraduate GPA is 3.91, and my nursing prerequisites GPA is 3.95. I only have A&P II and Microbiology remaining, which I'll do this fall semester, in three weeks. I'm volunteering at a Cancer Clinic, which I do one day a week, and I just started a full-time job at a hospital on Pill Hill a few weeks ago. I'm pretty nervous about embarking on a new chapter.

Any other folks out there? What other schools beside UW are you applying to? Have you completed your letter of motivation?

Let's hear from each other!

Hi there,

I am also on this path, except I won't be applying to schools until next year. I've just come to the conclusion that I do in fact want to get my BSN, and I am starting pre reqs now. I've been trying to do as much research on schools as I can but I'm finding it very challenging. Of course each university toots its own horn quite wonderfully, and then there is a whole spectrum of thought as to pros and cons when you start looking around online.

I'm located in Boston and would preferably like to go someplace else even though we have some great schools here. How did you decide upon the schools on your list? I'm also looking seriously as Johns Hopkins although I'm not sure I want to be in Baltimore.. And I know that University of Washington is supposed to have a great program but I've also found some discouraging posts on here about it.

I guess it would just be very helpful to have some sort of a dialogue about this stuff - for someone like me, who is almost entirely new to the medical field (I just completed a four year degree in a field very distant from medicine!), this process is tremendously daunting.



Hi KW,

I am equally new to healthcare. My undergraduate degree was in Political Science, but the experiences I had in life seems to have led up towards the logical conclusion of me joining the healthcare profession. I wanted to pursue my BSN at a university that has a high-quality education that would properly prepare me for the field, and equip me with the practical and academic skills essential for advancing later on. Johns Hopkins is among my first choices. I think selecting a school requires careful attention, and for you to consider what about the particular program will suit your needs, whether you're prepared to move, how you'll fund the studies, and whether you can find yourself imaginably living in the area the school is for the duration of your studies.

The University of Washington is supposed to be well regarded for the intensity of their program, and their dedication to research. There's an information session on later today which I'll be attending. The school tries to produce not just nurses, but nurses who will want to, eventually, become advanced practitioners in the field, in the form of educators, or advanced practice nurses.

I think you've made a great choice deciding to pursue your BSN. I know that that must have been a critical point in your life's indecision - the crossroads of "What To Do Next." Focus on getting great grades in your pre-reqs. Admissions is competitive, and you'd like to represent yourself well by showing that your excellent performance in your prerequisite courses is a loud indication of your preparedness for doing similarly intense work during the actual nursing program. Also, as early as possible, begin to get some experience around healthcare workers. You can volunteer at a hospital or a health center, and allow the experience to inform your commitment to the field, and maybe shape the direction you see yourself going in, and the specific role you'd like to play.



Thanks for the reply and the helpful info! I also stumbled upon healthcare in a sense, having gone to film school for four years, and then becoming a caregiver for my grandfather who was on Hospice at home. So aside from little previous experience, I feel very strongly that this is the path I would like to take. I too want a solid program. And given my personal interest for rigorous academia - I will most likely only be applying to "good" programs. You bring up a good point in terms of finding a program that will "meet my needs", and I think this is what I'm finding most challenging about the process. It will help a lot, I think, If I can go and visit some of these programs and speak one on one with someone about my path and needs in this case.

In my case I don't want to go into research (at least at this moment I don't)- but I would ideally like to become a traveling nurse as there are numerous elements to this job which would fulfill various aspects of myself. I'm not really sure if there are programs that are better suited for something like this though.

I had originally thought Johns Hopkins would be a great fit too - but I have heard many mixed feelings about the surrounding area and Baltimore as city, as well as their BSN program vs. their MSN. In the end, all of this definitely warrants a visit to the school in person at some point.

And as for the rest of the admissions process I think I am in a pretty solid place. Aside from what programs are looking for academically (from my previous university experience), I plan on doing well in my pre reqs (I just signed up for the online Nutrition course through Johns Hopkins!), and I just started working as a CNA for a private home care company. By the time I apply to schools next year, I should have over a year of healthcare experience under my belt. I also hope to shadow/volunteer at Hospitals as much as possible.

So I am just curious - was it challenging for you to make this change of direction in your life? Because I am finding it quite overwhelming at times. Do you already know what speciality you would like to eventually work in? And are you planning to continue on and get your masters?

Again - I appreciate the thoughts on all of this!




I'm in the Seattle as well and am applying to the ABSN program to start in June 2015. UW is the only ABSN program I'm applying to as moving out of state isn't an option for me.

How has the application process been going for you? I'm finalizing mine and preparing to hand deliver next week. I'm a nervous wreck!

Looking forward to seeing all the applicants on Oct. 21 :-)



Has 4 years experience.


I am submitting the application for this program today! Does anyone know what the proctored essay is like? I found that in the past comments people have left, there are some basic math problems, and then it seems like there are some topic options. Anyone who has taken it: what are they looking for in the essay? Obviously, writing proficiency, and I'm sure you need to share your reasons for wanting to be a nurse. Is this correct?

Thanks, and good luck to everyone!

Hey everyone,

I also submitted an application this past week. Does anyone know when they send out the emails regarding the proctored exam? I know that in the past it was by invitation only. I suppose they will send them out tomorrow?

Hey ZrowGz,

That is all of the information I have, too. I'm fairly certain that they make past applicants swear to secrecy because I have searched the internet high and low for sample questions! I definitely think they are looking for consistency between your personal statement and the proctored exam, as well as reasoning and communication skills.

Good luck!

Well I got it as soon as I applied with the electronic application. About an hour after. Did you also submit your application electronically?

I did submit the electronic portion and receive a confirmation email with some brief info about the proctored essay, but I figured there would be more details coming our way. I guess not! I should mention that I live in CA and have an out-of-area proctor, which is why it concerns me. My questions are mostly things like: What should I bring to the exam? Paper and pen? Do they have special forms for us to complete the essay on? ... Just that kind of stuff because I won't be with the rest of the group. I'll have to give them a call tomorrow or check in with my proctor about the instructions they gave her. Thanks!


Has 4 years experience.

Hello FunkySkunk!

Yeah, I was unable to find anything specific regarding the questions. That's ok though. Just have to go in and do the best you can! I've seen people referencing scenarios in some of the forum posts, but like you said, no posted questions. It is nice to see that people going for this have high moral standards!

On your application, you needed to provide your out-of-state proctor contact info. Here's what they say about it:

G. Out-of-Area Applicant Essay Proctor

If it is not reasonable for you to travel to the UW Seattle campus to write the proctored essay on the designated date, indicate the faculty member, academic advisor, or work supervisor who will serve as your essay proctor. Your proctor cannot be a family member or personal friend, and cannot be changed after you submit your application to the School of Nursing.

Your proctor’s email address is required. Be sure your proctor uses an official work and/or professional email address. Personal email addresses from accounts such as Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo will not be accepted.

The essay questions and instructions for administering the essay will be emailed to them two days in advance of the essay.

Out-of-area proctored essays must be received by noon the day after the designated proctored essay date. Late essays are not accepted and there are no make-up essay sessions.

Yep, I've got that covered! They were sending out the emails to proctors at 5pm on Friday. Since it's it is my proctor's work email, I can't really even ask her about it until tomorrow. I'm sure all of the info is in there. This is just me being anxious!

FunkySkunk, what other schools have you applied to?

I'm only applying to two other schools: Penn and OHSU. I figure I can broaden the field next year, if need be. Hopefully, I'll just get in this round!

Fantastic choices! I avoided applying to Penn because of the tuition. I do wish you luck with them all!

It's good to finally get done with the proctored essay yesterday. It didn't seem as challenging as I'd imagined it. The essay section did require some introspection; I took a good 10 minutes thinking on what to write. I even started over a few times. The math section brought back memories of the days of Chemistry, except for the usual associated panic. It was nice to see who some of the other applicants were. So about everybody except a handful of people and myself were female. What?! So, 160 applicants for 48 spots. We have a nearly 1 in 3 chance of acceptance.

How did you all feel about it?

I agree, it's good to be done with the essay - and entire application process! I feel pretty good about it but I certainly had that moment of panic with the math - mostly because it was easier than I expected. I kept looking for the hidden tricks.

Now it's just a matter of waiting to hear. Good luck to everyone!

I agree that it was easier than I anticipated. The only hard part was squeezing lots of info into a brief two pages of space and one hour time limit (I tend to be long-winded).

Did they say that there were only 160 applicants this year? That seems like a large decrease from the number I've heard in years past.