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UTMB accelerated BSN program January 2011 start


I just received my acceptance into UTMB's Accelerated BSN program. Does anyone know when students in this specific program start doing clinicals?

I am gathering up all my vaccinations and I see that the Hepatitis B vaccination has to have all 3 immunizations with a positive titer 4-6 weeks after the 3rd immunization. I'm still trying to figure out if I had a titer drawn within this time frame from back in the day...but it looks like if I haven't then I will have to do the entire process again.

I'm concerned because it states in the acceptance letter that "students must complete all immunizations prior to enrollment" in one section yet it also states "Imunizations are required for all students AND must be completed BEFORE a student may participate in any patient care activity." (Hence my first question of, does anyone know when students in UTMB's accelerated program start doing clinicals).

If you know this answer PLEASE let me know. I can never seem to get the right person on the phone or via email at UTMB....

Thank you so much!!

From what I read, you have to have all of the shots completed by the time you start clinicals...but I am not sure when those start either. I took my first HepB shot yesterday.

Have you posed the question to the UTMB 2011 Bacc2 board? I think there may be some past students on there that can help.

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If you've completed the vaccine series and can prove it, you should be okay. My sister, who has been a nurse for a long time, has had the series several times and has never shown immunity. It has never precluded her from working with patients.

Hi there,

I actually spoke with someone from Student Wellness yesterday, and she said if you have the first 2 immunizations done by the start of classes you will be fine. Apparently that won't affect the time period of clinicals. I still am not sure when clinicals start.

I don't know if you have had your 3 series Hep B previously or not, but this info might be helpful for you. If you already have had your Hep B 3 series of vaccinations but no titer drawn, then you need to get a Hep B titer. If the titer is positive for antibodies, you are good to go. You will need to document the titer and 3 series. They just put on paper that it needs to be 4-6 weeks after the 3rd, but apparently this doesn't matter. If your titer is negative, you will then need to get the series again. If the titer is questionable as to whether or not it is pos or neg then you have to get a booster.