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Utica, St. Petersburg


I've been looking into accelerated nursing programs in Florida and came across something that looks like a part online, part classroom program through Utica College in St. Petersburg. First, does anyone know anything about the program/school and second, has anyone else gone the accelerated, hybrid route for their nursing degree?

I have talked to someone at Utica College about this program before. I am looking into various hybrid accelerated programs for nursing since i already have a bacherlors and really want to go into nursing. The program overlaps online courses for the usual lecture classes with in person clinical and labs. The format seems pretty neat since you do it all at once. I have classes I have to take before I can apply but I am thinking about the St. Petersburg campus instead of Syracuse to avoid winter :yes:

I called and was able to talk to an advisor about what i need to do to apply. they dont' make you commit or anything but actually seem to be helping figure out if you're a good fit for the program and if the program is a good fit for you. Have you looked at what stuff you have to do to apply?

Hi - I was curious if you applied/attended the Utica location in St. Petersburg and if so if you had any insight on the program? I was just recently accepted and looking for any information. Thanks!

Did anyone end up going? im still wondering about this program.