Utica college absn reviews!!


I wanted to write this review after I graduated because I didn't want them to pick me out because I'm black and they will know who I am. This school is perfect for you if you are WHITE. If you are colored they will discriminate against you. There will be issues where this discrimination will happen and nothing will happen if you complain . YOU WILL BE DISCRIMINATED AGAINST and dont be fooled that you won't .

The classes that are being asked to take, add no value whatsoever to your life . MOST OF THEM ARE A WASTE OF YOUR TIME. The school is in a crappy building and EVERYTHING is broken . THEY WANT YOU TO FAIL so you can retake classes because they want your money . MOST of the lecture instructors will not help you at ALL and since this is an online course that doesn't help .

There will be unnecessary homework and everything you learn in this program is basically within only 2/5 courses per semester. Come in expecting to fail a course since they are out to get you . They will pick on anything you do to send out academic alerts . Your success coach is NOT HELPFUL AT ALL. Your deans are NOT HELPFUL AT ALL. If you were in a place that this was to be your last choice of continuing education then suck it up and come here but if you want to save yourself unecessary stress DONT COME HERE.


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Wow, this comment is really worrying me. I am black as well and have concerns about possibly being discriminated against. I just applied for the New York location - which one did you graduate from? My GPA isn't the best so I wouldn't be surprised if Utica was the only school that I got into. Were there other black students in the program? Did you get good grades in the program? Did you pass the NCLEX? Is the entire city majority white?


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well i am black in the program and have the same experiences. no need to re-state as the first person said most of it all. If you must attend this school as your only option that's cool. JUST BE CAREFUL and thread very lightly. Goodluck


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@Marrex Good to know. What else would you say about the program? Do people pass and or stay in the program? Is the NCLEX pass rate high?

Is this Syracuse or Tampa campus you are talking about?


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passing is at your own effort and determination. Once in the program, you would have given up alot such as ur job, relocation, rent lease, school fees etc so you have no choice but to push as hard as you can.

Yes people do pass and some don't. You are only allowed to fail one class. i heard nclex pass rate is high due to the fact that people are weeded out. I am still in the program so i do not know whats its like taking the NCLEX.


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Hi everyone,

I am provisionally accepted for the Spring 2018 cohort. I am black, from NYC, and I am very concerned about my safety in the Liverpool/Syracuse area, as well as my success at Utica College. I definitely want to do well, and I don't have any time to waste. I also don't want to be completely isolated from other people of color. I am concerned with the information stated above. I've experienced different forms of prejudice, I'm hoping that this is along the same lines, and not completely unbearable. Any tips on how to stay onto of the course work or teaching style specific to Utica College? Are there any professors, classes, or general areas in Liver Pool or Syracuse to avoid? Were you able to find a school life balance to keep you afloat? Looking forward to your responses.


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hi jatanabell. I was accepted as well, can we share contacts. I live in NYC and will be relocating. please reach out at oliviaschloss@gmail.com


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Has 1 years experience.

Hey Elliot! Which campus was this?


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Hi Marrex, I was accepted to Utica Fall 2018. did you take the NCLEX yet? did the school help out with reviews? did your entire cohort graduate? thank you in advance.


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Which campus? I'm looking into the Fall start myself.