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Don't go to the Florida campus!!!


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Hi eddief. Are you still at Utica? Did you graduate? How hard is it?


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Hi Molliejean, are you still in the program? I got accepted for the program in spring 2019 and would like to know your experience. I am still deciding if I should go with this program or not. Thanks!


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how are you liking the program so far?


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The rumors are true.. stay far away from this program. This is not coming from a student that has been failing exams or classes, I consistently obtain grades >90%, and I am never one to complain or blame others. This school is inconsistent, unfair and more importantly lack supportive faculty members. Do yourself a favor and apply elsewhere.


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Hi, I am looking to start the NY ABSN at Utica August 2019. Are there any current students that can shed some light on the program?