UTHSCSA Spring 2012 applicants


I had tried to apply to UTHSCSA for Fall 2011 but had forgotten to submit a transcript from a high school dual credit course. So now I'm going to apply for Spring 2012, my only problem is that I fear I don't have a high enough GPA to really even get in. I hear of all these people getting admitted and they have a really high prereq GPA. After this semester it looks like my Prereq GPA will be a around 3.0 which is the minimum requirement. I have volunteer hours and I hope to get a good score on the TEAS test this summer. And I've also had a friend whose already in the nursing program look over my essay questions (I've already written them because I had tried to apply for Fall) and she said they were really good. Has anyone gotten in without the best prereq GPA?? I'm really trying to finish this semester strong but I just don't know if it's going to be enough! And I really don't want to wait another semester!


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Hi! I noticed this thread a few days ago and felt it needs a little bump, now that everyone's applying for Spring '12.

I share your fears about the GPA thing. I went to UTSA and due to stuff going on in my life at the time, my GPA is atrocious. So I transferred to SAC and started fresh and have maintained a 3.8 something. But depending on how it's calculated, I may not even have a chance at UTHSCSA. But I'm crossing my fingers and hoping for the best.

I applied for the Fall '11 but they didn't receive my transcripts on time. I sent it electronically. Probably not a good idea. I ordered my TEAS V book and will start studying this week. Just in case. :)

I'm a couple classes short but still have the required 42 hours of pre-requisites.

I applied to the SAC nursing program, too but this is definitely my first choice.


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btyler, I have a question, though. You mentioned essay questions. I haven't sent in my application yet but it's my understanding that they are using a centralized nursing application website as of Spring '12. I didn't see any essay questions but I might have missed it. I just saw one question asking why you'd be interesting in the nursing profession.


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I just came back from their information session. I really like the school. They have almost a 100% graduation rate for their nursing students. I just submitted my 2012 application for spring. I have a 3.7 g.p.a and studying for TEAS currently. I hope I get in. It's a great program surrounded by a great science environment. Keep in touch everyone. We might be roommates.


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@aNerd- if you're only applying to UTHSCSA on nursingCAS you do not need to fill out the personal statement online. They don't even look at that. After you've submitted your application, the admissions people will send you a supplemental app with the essay question(s) that they want you to answer (I assume because it's different than the generic question on nursingCAS) and invitation to take the TEAS if you haven't already done so. I was really confused before I went to the open house 2 weeks ago but they cleared everything up at that. I suggest going to one of those if possible before anyone applies....I learned ALOT of helpful info that they don't tell you online! Good luck!