UTHSCSA Accelerated BSN starting May 2012

U.S.A. Texas


Anybody applying for this program?? I made it through the first part of the application and got my email about TEAS on 10-13. I am taking it on Thursday and am a BIT NERVOUS :):)

Hey Ruthie,

I took my Teas V last week. How did it go for you? I am nervous about the program but really want to get it.

I am also nervous! I am taking it tomorrow at 9 AM.

Good luck to you! It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I read a lot of this site about how hard it was. If you studied the book, it definitely helps~science is a little more difficult. There are some practice quizzes by McGrawhill. Good luck!

tescobar --

Thanks for the vote of confidence! I did well! I hope to see you at UTHSCSA next May :)

That's great news Ruthie Ann. I hope to see you this May! Keep me posted!

I called the school and we won't be receiving our supplemental application for another 2-3 weeks. I hope it's 2 weeks rather than 3. I'm getting antsy.

Hi everyone!

I also made it through the first round of the application process. I am taking the TEAS next week. I'm so nervous! Can I purchase the ATI study guide from anyone? I took the practice test online and have been studying based on my results, but I would really like to study from the guide. I was going to purchase one online but by the time it gets here it won't be worth the money. :)

I've been anxiously checking my e-mail for the Supplemental Application. Thanks for calling the school and sharing this info, Noenoe!

I took the TEAS on October 25. I looked at study guides at B&N instead of purchasing the ATI study guide. None of them were tailored directly for the TEAS V, but I found the science review and practice tests helpful. Best of luck!

The supplemental applications are now available. Hopefully everyone got the email.

I got the email and have been working on my essays...I did have a question...does anyone know if the 800 characters includes spaces or not. My word document shows me the count with spaces and without...so I was curious what the school accepts.

It does not count spaces! I just finished mine last night. I thought 800 words was more of a guideline so I went a little over, but you aren't allowed to submit them unless they're under the limit.

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