U of Utah Clinical Nurse-Critical Care Internship

  1. I would like to start a thread to see if anybody receive interview invitation for Clinical Nurse-Critical Care Internship position. Welcome for those who were offered a position from last cohort to please share interview experience and new working environment. Thank you very much
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  3. by   hazelRN108
    Hi Fourland! Are you living in Utah? I'm one of those who did receive an invitation for an interview and would like to get any advice or tips on how to prepare for this! It's always been my dream to be a critical care nurse and this internship looks promising!
  4. by   fourland
    Hi hazelRN108,

    Thank you for the post. I thought I am alone in this thread. No, I live in out of state. How about you? I am a bit nervous too that's why I posted this thread. Yes, the program look promising. I am not sure how many spots available but it seems they want 11-14 residents each cohort. I have seen the time spot invited for 24 reservations. I assume there are 24 candidates for this round. Fingers crossed for us and please keep posted!!
  5. by   hazelRN108
    Hi Fourland,

    I'm out of state too! I was looking at the other threads here and I got discouraged to know that Utah's job market seems to be just as bad as California. It's so competitive out here that I didn't think it would be just as hard in Utah. I probably should've looked into Texas or Arizona. LOL! I went to a new grad interview in San Diego were there were only 11 spots and they interviewed 70 new grads. I'm hoping someone here can give us more advice on how to prepare for the interview.
  6. by   fourland
    Hi hazelRN108,

    Did you receive e-mail from one of CCI program representatives? I am asked to complete the survey and submit a photo.
    I called to ask about this program. He said there are 24 candidates for 14 spots. The interview questions are behavior-based, no right or wrong answer. Fingers crossed for us!!
  7. by   hazelRN108
    Hi Fourland,

    Oh my goodness, thank you for asking about the interview questions. I was wondering if we are going to be asked clinical questions as well but I guess they're wanting to see if we are a fit. Yes, I got the same email! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for us! Let me know if you find out anything else and I'll do the same! ��
  8. by   ICUman
    So what exactly do you guys want to know?
    I am local to SLC and a gal in my RN program also received an interview for this upcoming cohort. She works at the U.
    Are you looking to hear what the environment at the U is like? Or how to prep for the interview? Let me know and I'll try my best.
  9. by   ICUman
    I will add- I have heard a few things.

    If you have any CNA or tech experience in the ER, or ICU, they consider that to be beneficial,
    I have also heard if you are applying with an ADN, instead of a BSN, that you need to explain how you are just as qualified or competitive. (which I think is absolute bologna) .

    However I should note that Utah is still a super ADN friendly state!
  10. by   fourland
    Hi ICUman,

    Thank you so much for your kindness. We have been looking for someone like you who is able to help us for upcoming interview. In fact, we want to prepare for the interview in order to satisfy interviewers. Yes, there are qualified 24 candidates for only 14 spots. Please kindly help us for this highly competitive game. Thanks again ICUman.
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  11. by   hazelRN108
    Hi ICUman,

    Any information that you can provide us to prepare for the interview would be greatly appreciated! I would also like to know how the environment is like there too! Thank you for offering to help!
  12. by   fourland
    Hi hazelRN108,

    How was your interview? If so, please share!!
  13. by   hazelRN108
    Just wanted to let you know that I interviewed last Friday and got a call yesterday for the offer. I'm torn tho, because I also got offered a position here in CA at my hospital, which I had also been waiting for. I am very thankful that all my hard work has paid off but now I have to make a very tough decision.
  14. by   hazelRN108
    Hey Fourland,

    Did you get an offer too? How was your interview? Hope it went well.