Stevens Henager RN program???

  1. What does everyone think about Stevens Henager's RN program? It is the only RN program that will work for me b/c it is at night, but I am worried that it might be hard to get a job afterwards since it is non-traditional? I know they have NLNAC candidacy status right now...but should I do it or do employers frown upon it??
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  3. by   tfleuter
    I didn't know what I was doing when I enrolled at Stevens-Henager college in Utah. It's a vocational/trade school. I am in an allied health program (for an A.A.S.), which, when I finish, I can go straight into their A.D.N. program. I don't have to take those heavy science courses as pre-reqs with the labs either! (Anatomy, Physio and Medical Micro) - because my school just does things differently. Wow I'm so lucky!!


    I just recently found out that my 'trade' school, Stevens-Henagers nursing program is not nationally certified. (I didn't know they needed to be NLN certified). It's got some state accreditation which will not qualify me to be a Nurse/Officer in the military. So my whole plan just went out the window and I'm stuck in my Allied Health A.A.S program otherwise I'd owe them all kinds of money if I dropped out to return to community college to take those 3 science classes that I need for REAL nursing school.

    MORAL: Don't take shortcuts or you will end up screwed my like me.

    If I was going to only practice nursing in Utah then the school would be perfectly acceptable but that's not my plan. But I feel your pain. I also need to get a lot of math done. I got to intermediate algebra and dropped the class. So I need all 3 science pre-reqs, possibly a chem class, and Intermediate Algebra. Some schools have even more pre-reqs, like a nutrition class. None of the classes I am taking at my trade school will transfer. I will get credit for my degree will but it won't take the place of any of those classes.
    I found this post in another thread, may give you something to think about. I think Steve H is the school I contacted a year ago about their program and the whole set up didn't appeal to me. They required students to take a years worth of courses for health professions before allowing you to enter the nursing program. Per the advisor, it was a good idea b/c it would let me know for sure that I wanted to be a nurse and not some other health profession. What a crock. Sounded like a money making scheme to me, but thats just my opinion

    Anyways, I'm not sure if things have changed there since then (or if I'm even thinking of the right school) but I bet if you did a search that you could find more posts on this site about the school. Good luck in your decision!
  4. by   klarsen
    Great advise. Thanks for your help!
  5. by   CPhT2RNstudent
    I would avoid stevens! They will charge you too much and the degree with not transfer to the U of U for a BSN.
    Here is a link to schools and their NCLEX pass rate.
    This is an important factor for accredidation.
    SLCC has an online program, and part-time program, and a seperate program for IHC, U of U, and IASIS hospital employees. Chech out those. Also try Davis applied tech. As you can see above the state schools and westminster have a better pass rate on average. The wait is horrible, but worth it.

    Why can you only do a night class? Are you open to nursing schools out of state?
  6. by   ORnurseCT
    I graduated from SHC in the 1990's I am trying to get my transcripts now and it is a nightmare. Their website is one big advertisement, there was not campus info, or link to registrars office etc. That should tell you something. I did a certificate program, was going to do the AAS but realized my family came first and I didn't have time. They refused to refund my tuition, and now they are saying I owe them money. If the RN program is anything like the ST program was I would avoid it at all costs. I wish there was a website like this when I enrolled.
  7. by   Xxdgriimey1990xX
    Stevens henager degree is acceptable for the U of U RN to BSN program...ONLY if the school is NLNAC accredited and if you have done prerequisites at a community college or university. Because stevens henagers prerequisites will not transfer.. I talked to the U of U dean of nursing yesterday. Does anyone know the start dates for the nursing program? I finished all my prerequsites at U of U and weber state so I do not have to take any of stevens henagers nursing prereqs...they are waived, as that is what the dean of stevens henager told me yesterday
  8. by   pinkbo0tlace
    The school has really made a lot of changes, and I plan on attending there for nursing school. The school is indeed NLNAC accredited, and it's up for a new review until 2015. And, a previous poster is correct in that unless your pre-reqs are done at a community college you cannot transfer to the U of U, BYU, etc... And, probably any state university or college for that matter. However, you can get your ADN from SHC, and than your BSN from U O P Online, which is what exactly where the nurses who teach at the local community college got there BSN from! :heartbeat

    SHC also now offers accredited NLNAC BSN, AND Masters & they vary from nursing, nursing administration, or nursing education (if you ever want to teach in the future). Or, you could just go for your BSN/Masters from U O P online as well

    Any nursing school is a good nursing school as long as it is NLNAC accredited. After that, it just depends on how much you want to end up paying back after. With state universities and community colleges, almost all of them have a 2-3 year waiting list after you have all the pre-reqs done (and is usually cheaper), or you can pay a lot more in the end but go straight through the process with the smaller, private schools. (Granted, that is if you get accepted - and no, they do not admit everyone).

    As far as someone not being able to get the transcripts, there is usually a number you can call that isn't a 1800 number. And, if there is, just call them & tell them what you need. ANY school will make you owe money if you have signed up for classes and didn't drop before a certain date.

    SHC has a decent NCLEX passing rate too. However, U of U has a slightly higher passing score, but BYU is best/top in the state of Utah.
  9. by   pinkbo0tlace
    Also - just another true point....

    As far as credit transfers goes, it really just depends on the college/school. I am originally from Minnesota. And the state school, University of Minnesota - Duluth sometimes has credits that won't even transfer to the University of Minnesota - Minneapolis, etc.....

    Every school, regardless if they are in the same "line" or "state agenda" or all "regionally accredited", has there own set-up. Usually basic classes like your english, etc.. will transfer, but the more complex classes are usually designed and set up for that specific school, meaning each school has their own set-up for how the class will be taught, and for how many credits it will be worth for how that specific program is designed. Meaning, I know some people who went to one state school, regionally accredited and wanted to transfer to another state school, in the same state, also regionally accredited and that incoming school did not accept all the classes/credits.
  10. by   ORnurseCT
    "As far as someone not being able to get the transcripts, there is usually a number you can call that isn't a 1800 number. And, if there is, just call them & tell them what you need. ANY school will make you owe money if you have signed up for classes and didn't drop before a certain date"

    I did not owe them money, my tuition was paid in full. I had to drop two weeks in because of personal reasons. I should have received a partial refund. Why would you owe money for dropping after a certain date?

    I never got a refund. When I requested my transcripts I had to make several calls, left messages for weeks. Finally after speaking with someone they said I couldn't have a copy until I paid my debt off.

    It took about six months for them to realize I did not owe a dime.
    I got my transcripts after much heartache. I still haven't received a refund.

    Real colleges don't have 1-800 numbers!!
  11. by   pinkbo0tlace
    [color=#333333]colleges have drop dates. dates with full refunds, dates with reduced refunds and, when you drop after the dates posted.... no refund at all. every college i've attended lists those dates in their course schedules and prints it on registration forms. this is especially the case if you had financial aid help for any of your classes - financial aid/loans (not grants) pays up-front for your classes that you registered. if you drop out after a certain date - you owe that money because it was paid on your behalf. this happened to me as well, i went to a regular community college back up in duluth, minnesota and i ended up owning them money as well - and could not get a transcript until the debt was paid off. the school policy which they told you about is standard[color=#333333] throughout the nation, and not isolated just to shc.

    [color=#333333]however, why they didn't already know on file that you didn't owe them money is really...strange. i'm sorry you had to go through such hoops with their financial department. that is such a pain, especially when you don't owe them anything! i'm glad you finally got your transcript though. it shouldn't be a struggle to obtain it. although, i'm sure there are just as many "real" colleges as you say that have mix ups as well.

    [color=#333333]when you say that no "real" colleges have 1-800 numbers, that is totally based off emotion and is actually pretty insulting. everyone is entitled to their own opinion but there is no need to take out frustration toward me. like you, and other students, i'm sure work very hard for their degree and opt out of traditional schools for a variety of different reasons. shc is not the only college with an 800 number. plenty do, especially if they have a good foreign exchange program or if they appeal to international students coming to study here on a visa. if a student can receive financial aid to attend a certain school, the school has to be "real" in order to receive it.

    boston university
    university of california
    grambling state university
    ball state university
    saint louis university

    all of which are "real" (traditional) colleges, and just a few.
    if you don't believe me, google is waiting.
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  12. by   Xxdgriimey1990xX
    Yah I did my prerequisites at weber state and the U of U. They all transfered in. The only prereq I had to take was communication arts! and I got to test out of OB, PEDS, and Fundamentals because I finished my LPN at a previous college. So I got 8 months to go! I started back in MAY 2012
  13. by   sweetpotatoepie
    I've heard many nurse managers state they are unwilling to hire a graduate from Steven's Henager. In addition the student loan debt is extremely large in most cases. Getting hired with an associate's degree in nursing is becoming more difficult every day.
  14. by   beccainutah
    Very well said, Pink! I appreciate your input and feedback. I am currently attending SHC myself and I am appreciative for the opportunity in obtaining my nursing degree because it is near impossible to get into other schools around my local area. Moreover, I find that the negative comments regarding a particular school (traditional colleges and otherwise) are usually from those who have had a negative experience. While SHC isn't the perfect school, name one that is; I've had trouble at regular universities, too.

    In short, to date, I am a satisfied SHC student; I just completed my pre-nursing classes and start nursing fundamentals on Monday! Woo hoo! I'm so excited. It is a fast-track program, but I knew that when I signed up.

    Thanks again for your posts, Pink.

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